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Sony is reportedly banning PS5 users for exploiting PS Plus Collection loophole

PS4 and PS5 users get banned, though the reasoning is still unclear

Sony has seemingly started banning PlayStation users for exploiting a recently discovered PS Plus Collection loophole. The Collection is intended to be a PS5-exclusive perk of the PS Plus subscription service that gets you access to a range of backwards compatible PS4 titles, including God of War, Uncharted 4, and Bloodborne.

VGC reports that some Collection-owning PS5 users have been logging into the accounts of PS4 owners, which then causes the full list of Collection games to unlock on their last-gen systems. Some enterprising individuals have posted listings on eBay, offering to perform the service for any PS4 users who may want to unlock some of the system’s best games for cheap.

Sony has reportedly issued multiple bans in China to PS5 users performing the service, as well as those PS4 owners exploiting the loophole. According to the banned users, their accounts have been suspended for two months, and their PS5 consoles have been permanently blocked from PSN services.

As VGC notes, it’s suspected that PlayStation automatically bans any console that has logged into a high number of accounts in the span of one day. This is seemingly a form of anti-fraud protection, meaning it’s currently unclear as to whether the users have been banned specifically for sharing their Collection games.

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