YouTuber destroys PS5 with mayonnaise and electric saw, attempts refund


Didn’t manage to bag yourself a PS5 pre-order? Still living a cold, lonely, PS5-less existence? Are you just craving a next-generation console to have and to hold? Then the following probably deserves its own trigger warning.

That’s because YouTube channel Mega64 has done some absolutely outrageous things to its shiny new PS5, all in the name of content and making some dude at GameStop feel a bit awkward. In the video ‘The PS5 Absolutely Cannot Play Discs,’ a Mega64 member attempts to fire up his physical copy of Demon’s Souls into a digital-only version of the PS5 which, of course, has no disc tray.

Then ensues a sequence of increasingly ridiculous attempts to shove the disc somewhere – anywhere – into his PS5. These include classic approaches like smashing it open with a hammer, to lubricating the Demon’s Souls disc with mayonnaise and washing up liquid; a sentence we thought would never appear on The Loadout, nor anywhere else, but here we are.

The skit then sees this disgruntled gamer attempt to return his ruined PS5 to GameStop, putting a puzzled employee in the awkward situation of opening up a completely dismantled (and suspiciously mayonnaise-y) console. The YouTuber insists that this is “Sony’s issue.”

He was, of course, denied a refund.

While we know this is all in jest, I guess we should give the disclaimer: Don’t smash games consoles with hammers or put washing up liquid on discs, for the love of god. And if this skit made you wince, then don’t worry, you’re not alone.