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All Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War multiplayer modes

From classics like Domination to new additions like VIP Escort, here are all the Black Ops Cold War modes you can play in multiplayer.

Due to its predecessor, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, garnering mixed reviews for its multiplayer, Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War was under pressure to deliver the experience fans of the series expect. With a heap of gameplay changes, Cold War delivered. It also carried on Modern Warfare’s ethos of having a wide range of game modes, ranging from small team classics to larger scale Fireteam and Combined Arms modes.

So, just what can you play in Black Ops Cold War? We’ve compiled a list of every mode in one of the best multiplayer games, big and small, that you can sink your teeth into. We’ve also included which Black Ops Cold War maps you can play them on too.

Black Ops Cold War core multiplayer modes

  • Team Deathmatch
  • Kill Confirmed
  • Domination
  • Hardpoint
  • VIP Escort
  • Control
  • Free For All
  • Search and Destroy
  • 2v2 Gunfight
  • 3v3 Face Off

These core multiplayer modes in Black Ops Cold War are all 5v5 or 6v6, apart from Free For All – which sees 8-10 individuals compete against one another – and the smaller Gunfight and Face Off mode.

All 6v6 modes are played across the following maps:

  • Armada
  • Cartel
  • Checkmate
  • Crossroads
  • Garrison
  • Miami
  • Moscow
  • Satellite
  • Nuketown ’84
  • Express
  • Nuketown ’84 Holiday
  • Raid
  • The Pines
  • Apocalypse
  • WMD
  • Diesel
  • Standoff
  • Yamantau
  • Jungle
  • Collateral
  • Hijacked
  • Rush
  • Drive-In
  • Echelon
  • Slums
  • Zoo
  • Amerika
  • Deprogram

All 2v2 and 3v3 modes can be played on:

  • Amsterdam
  • Diesel
  • Game Show
  • Gluboko
  • ICBM
  • KGB
  • Mansion
  • Showroom
  • U-Bahn

Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War multiplayer modes: Three soldiers aiming and firing to the left in a neon-lit urban area.

One name you might not recognise is VIP Escort. This mode was brand-new for Black Ops Cold War. It sees one team attempting to get a VIP – who is armed only with a pistol, smoke grenades, frag grenades, and a Spy Plane scorestreak – to an extraction zone while the other team attempts to wipe them out.

Black Ops Cold War other multiplayer modes

  • Fireteam: Dirty Bomb
  • Combined Arms: Domination
  • Combined Arms: Assault
  • Prop Hunt
  • Drop Kick

These first three modes see much larger lobbies, with Combined Arms modes having up to 24 players and Fireteam: Dirty Bomb having up to 40. On the other hand, Prop Hunt and Drop Kick are more party-based modes, all about having a wild time.

The three large-scale modes can be played on:

  • Alpine
  • Duga
  • Golova
  • Ruka
  • Sanatorium

Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War multiplayer modes: A soldier firing a rocket at a helicopter from a large ship, with several smaller boats in the sea below.

With so many maps and modes to play on in multiplayer, especially now that all the seasonal additions are available, it’s clear that Black Ops Cold War didn’t skimp out when it came to delivering quality content. Though the large-scale map pool could get a little old given its smaller pool, the scale of the action was, and still is, an absolute blast – and a chance of pace from the standard, close-quarters action one of the best FPS games series is known for.