PS5 Remote Play app could let you play next-gen games with a PS4 controller

PlayStation 5 remote play option appears on PlayStation 4

PlayStation 4 remote play option for PS5

Next time you load up your PS4, you’ll be greeted by a shiny new app icon for PS5 Remote Play. This should allow you to remotely control your PS5 using your last-gen machine via the power of streaming. It seems to function in much the same way as the PS4’s existing Remote Play app, though seeing as we don’t yet have a PS5, we’ve been unable to test the feature.

What makes PS5 Remote Play especially intriguing is that, in theory, it might allow you to use your DualShock 4 to control PS5-exclusive games. This won’t be possible on the PS5 itself as only the new DualSense can be used for next-gen titles, but you can use your old DualShock pad to play backwards-compatible PS4 games on it.

According to Eurogamer, the app lets you stream in either 540p, 720p, or 1080p. In order to set it up, you’ll be required to hop into your PS5’s settings, enable Remote Play, then connect the two consoles either via Wi-Fi or manually by entering a generated number on the app.

If the DualShock 4 does indeed work with PS5 games via Remote Play, Sony’s decision to make it unusable as a secondary PS5 controller becomes more questionable. Yes, the DualSense offers no shortage of fancy next-gen features, but having to shell out for multiple PS5 controllers isn’t ideal if you just want to play some local co-op.

In other Remote Play news, Sony has now confirmed in a PS5 FAQ that up to three additional users will be able to join a Remote Play session, making local multiplayer matches possible via Remote Play.