Fortnite is finally adding cars this week


Epic Games has announced that cars will finally be nyooming their way into Fortnite this week. They’re set to join the game as part of the Chapter 2, Season 4 Joy Ride expansion, and could considerably alter the meta of the game.

Only one car, the Whiplash, has been officially unveiled so far, with the official Fortnite Twitter account writing “It’s not just a name. It’s a warning,” above the reveal. No stats or further details were offered about either the Whiplash or the Joy Ride expansion at this time, but the car appears to have been modelled off classic sports cars, and with a name like Whiplash, expect it to go fast.

Well known Fortnite leaker Hypex had previously indicated that July 21 would be the date cars arrived, although Epic did follow up quickly that cars were still “a few weeks” away from launch. Cars could be the biggest change the game has seen yet, and have been hugely anticipated for a long while. This week, players will finally get their hands on them.

The news comes fresh after the announcement that boats had been pulled from all game modes due to a couple of game breaking glitches. For those who enjoy the more vehicular play Chapter 2 has brought, the introduction of cars is the perfect salve on the wound left by the removal of boats.

While the Whiplash is the only car Fortnite has tweeted out, in game posters suggest at least three other cars are on the way: the rugged pickup truck Bear, the huge semi trailer truck Mudflap, and the fairly generic Prevalent. It’s likely each car will have their own advantages and drawbacks as you race around the map. For example, the Whiplash is likely to be faster but far less sturdy than the Mudflap.

The Prevalent doesn’t seem to have any real advantage over the other three though, until you remember the gas stations scattered around the map. You may well need to stop and refuel along the way, and dollars to donuts the family hatchback does better mileage than a 1970s era pickup truck.

Cars could completely upend the meta of the game, or could become a fun little gimmick that high level players never pay much regard to. When the Joy Ride expansion drops this week, we’ll find out.