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Hyper Scape guns: the best weapons in August 2020

Our updated Hyper Scape tier list for August 2020 ranks every weapon in the game against the latest meta

Hyper Scape is Ubisoft’s first venture into the battle royale market, and is a hyper stylised first person shooter designed to be played at close quarters. There are currently ten weapons in the game, and this tier list will help you with selecting your ultimate loadout.

The game has some interesting ideas, from focusing on vertical play to integrating streaming into the mix, by letting stream viewers have an impact on the match itself. It’s still teething, certainly, but if you’re planning on getting in on the ground floor, there’s no time like the present.

The game takes place in the year 2054 in a setting called Neo-Arcadia, and is free-to-play. As well as the standard, last player standing convention of the battle royale genre, players win by retaining the crown – an in game item which appears once enough players have been eliminated – for 45 seconds. If you want that player to be you, you’ll need to understand how the guns work.

With only ten weapons to choose from in Hyper Scape, you aren’t drowning in choice. However, this limited loadout should help you get to grips with every weapon in the game fairly quickly. Nine of the ten are pretty solid, although clearly some are better than others. D-Tap, not so much.

Tier Weapons
Tier 1 Skybreaker, Protocol V
Tier 2 Hexfire, Ripper, Harpy
Tier 3 Riot One, Komodo
Tier 4 Salvo EPL, Mammoth MK 1, D-Tap

tier 1


Skybreaker is a rocket launcher which basically guarantees a hit. The damage it produces ranges from 40 to 90, depending both on how close they are to the centre of the blast and on how far the projectile has travelled; more distance means more power.

With massive AOE damage, you can take out clusters with this weapon. For its raw power, it’s Tier 1 here, but it’s not without issues. You only get one shot per charge, which is a substantial drawback, but that’s balanced out by the AOE damage anyway.

protocol v

Protocol V is perhaps the most Hyper Scape of all Hyper Scape weapons, in that it perfectly fits the unique vertical gameplay. A sniper rifle, it is best placed to make use of the game’s hitscan registration from great heights, and when fully upgraded, can one shot enemies.

But it’s tough to use. Sniper rifles are rarely the tool of the beginner and the Protocol V is no exception. For the higher level players though, Protocol V is a top class weapon.

tier 2


The Hexfire is the game’s minigun, and has the shortest time to kill of any weapon in the game. In the beta, it was a clear Tier 1, but after having its RPM drop from 1000 RPM to 900 RPM, it now nestles it at the top of Tier 2. That’s because, despite a minor damage buff, it can’t devastate like the Tier 1 weapons.

Yes, it has the lowest TTK, but it’s death by a thousand (very quick) cuts. Skybreaker and Protocol V both deal incredible damage in a single blow, so oust Hexfire here.

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This assault rifle is probably the best weapon for beginners to get to grips with, and is a solid choice at a higher level too. It comes with almost no recoil and is very simply, a gun. Most of the other weapons have a gimmick or technique to get used to, but not the Ripper. Point and shoot.

It’s the most versatile weapon in the game, and while it is kind of a slower Hexfire, it’s also much easier to handle and takes next to no getting used to. A great pick whatever level you’re playing at.


This SMG only works at close quarters, but when you can use it, it’s devastating. It has a small magazine but with a lightning reload, you’ll hardly notice it. When things get tight towards the end, the Harpy is your friend when the fighting closes in.

It’s very mobile and so easy for all the running, jumping, and climbing that the game asks of you, but it’s not particularly useful from these vantage points. Great, but only in specific circumstances, which makes it a quintessential low Tier 2 weapon.


tier 3

riot one

It’s a Desert Eagle. They can call it whatever they want, but it’s a Desert Eagle.

That means we all know how it plays. Lack of consistency against assault rifles, lack of range over sniper rifles, lack of power over grenade launchers. You need incredible precision to make the Riot One work for you, but that means it’s something of a badge of honour when it comes to using it properly. High risk, high reward, and incredibly stylish, it should only be used by the most experienced players.

In the right hands it can be deadly, in the wrong ones it’s a liability.

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The Komodo sits at the bottom of Tier 3, the Salvo EPL at the top of Tier 4, but they’re two sides of the same coin. They’re both bulky grenade launchers which do decent damage at a fairly slow pace. Both have solid AOE damage, but can’t rival Skybreaker and need a few hits to take enemies out.

Salvo technically does 2 more damage per shot, but at full health, both will take the same amount of shots to kill an enemy, and Komodo has a faster reload, so will do the job faster, despite being slightly weaker. That’s why it takes the edge here.

tier 4

salvo epl

See above. Slightly stronger grenade launcher than the Komodo, but slower.

mammoth mk 1

The Mammoth MK 1 is a pump action shotgun, and it comes with all the advantages and drawbacks that usually offers. Incredibly powerful at close range, it’s also cumbersome and slow, while not being particularly suited to Hyper Scape’s vertical terrains.

It can blow enemies away and isn’t a total waste of time, but other weapons do what this does well even better, and come without the disadvantages attached. Pound for pound, it has some of the best stats in the game, but it’s just not suited for the current Hyper Scape meta.


It’s decent for beginners because it has auto aim. There, that’s the positives out of the way.

As for the negatives, D-Tap is weak, slow, and cannot land headshots. With Ripper in the game, you barely need this glorified tutorial of a weapon at all, and if you’re desperate for a side arm to prove how much of a crack shot you are, you’ll use the Riot One. Beginners might see some use in this weapon, but even then they’re better off staying away.

And that’s every gun in Hyper Scape covered. Now, go grab that crown.