Call of Duty: Warzone’s latest glitch causes items to fall through stairs

Be careful where you drop your loot for teammates in Call of Duty: Warzone; a map glitch is causing them to fall through the floor and drop out of existence. Loot, money, weapons, it doesn’t matter, the map consumes them all.

Redditor u/ohrules first reported this happening at the stairs by the subway station, uploading a clip of the offending glitch. u/ohrules reported that they initially dropped cash for a teammate, and the squad were perplexed when the money was nowhere to be found. They recreated this with ammo, and again found that the map had eaten whatever had been dropped.

Another player confirmed the same issue had happened to them, claiming the thieving stairs had once stolen away 13,000 in cash. Though most incidents of this new glitch have happened on stairs – particularly the subway stairs but not exclusively – other players have complained of the same thing happening on flat ground too. Until this issue is patched, it appears nowhere is safe.

While the obvious solution to this is just ‘don’t drop items’, things aren’t so simple. Playing Call of Duty: Warzone in a squad means working in collaboration with your teammates; this might involve sharing out ammo and weapons to players who like specific loadouts, pooling all of your money together, or giving away duplicates to a teammate who can use them.

Dropping and sharing items is a significant part of team play, so the fact the map can rob you of these items significantly worsens the experience. Our Call of Duty: Warzone tips cover the best strategies for the game.

PSA: avoid dropping items on the stairs that lead to the subway stations. They go right through the floor. We lost 5k cash to these stairs. from CODWarzone

To date, the known locations are the stairs in the stadium, the stairs by the vendor, the stairs at the subway, the stairs at downtown, the stairs inside houses, and the garages by the airport fire station; this last one is the only non-stair related glitch site.

The stair glitch has existed in some form since Season 3, but the latest Season 5 patch appears to have made considerably things worse. While the garage glitch suggests it can happen anywhere, a good idea for now is just to avoid dropping anything on the stairs unless you’re prepared to lose it.

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