Call of Duty: Modern Warfare’s weapon tuning patch won’t change CDL meta guns

Ghost Call of Duty Modern Warfare

With the guns such as the FAL and Bruen reeking havoc recently in Call of Duty: Warzone (you can thank NICKMERCS’ Warzone loadouts for that) Infinity Ward has promised that weapon balancing will be part of Modern Warfare’s next update.

While that news will be met with celebrations from Warzone players who are sick of being shredded by some of the battle royale’s most overpowered weapons, it has generated some concerns from the competitive CoD community. With the Call of Duty League Championship just around the corner, fans and pros alike were worried about having a weapon tuning patch either just before or during the event, which has a huge prize pool of $4.6 million on the line.

However, Infinity Ward’s communications manager Ashton Williams has assured that weapons used in the CDL will not be affected by the next update. “This [patch] tunes weapons they [CDL pros] don’t use,” she says in response to a concerned CDL fan.

This almost certainly indicates that the M4A1 and the MP5, which have been pretty much the only two main weapons used in the Call of Duty League throughout the year, will not be included in the weapon tuning update.

It’s likely other weapons that occasionally appear in the CDL, such as the AX-50 or HDR snipers in Search and Destroy matches, will also be left out.

While it’s reassuring that the staple weapons of competitive CoD won’t be changing so close to Champs, what if a weapon currently outside of the meta gets a significant buff and makes it viable for competitive play?

Well, if that did happen, it’s likely that it would be banned by the pros themselves through a gentlemen’s agreement. This has happened previously when Infinity Ward has put out a weapon balancing update close to a CDL event, when pros discovered that the AUG submachine gun was now as effective, if not more, than the MP5.

This was rapidly GA’d by the pro community, which left the top seeded team, Atlanta FaZe, in a spot of bother after practicing with it in the entire run up to the event.

So don’t worry CDL fans, the likelihood of seeing anything other than M4s and MP5s at Champs is super low. We’re just praying the likelihood of a Bruen nerf in Warzone is super high!

Along with the weapon balancing, it looks as if a number of exploits will be patched up in Warzone, along with the horrendous visual glitch with weapons.