Call of Duty: Warzone trailer teases five-man squads

Across its first four seasons, Call of Duty: Warzone has only allowed for squads of up to four players. After the reveal trailer for Season 5 though, that number might be getting nudged up.

Though not officially confirmed, a few shots in the trailer do lend credence to the theory. They aren’t outright obvious in the way you’d expect a reveal trailer to be, but then they aren’t ‘blink and you’ll miss it’ either. It could be that Infinity Ward underestimated the attention to detail fan pay to trailers, or perhaps they understood perfectly and wanted to build up a level of anticipation before the reveal. It could also be a misunderstanding, but once you spot the details, it’s hard to interpret them as anything other than a hint towards five man squads coming soon.

The shots in question involve helicopters, and show four different Operators sat by the doors waiting to jump out. However, these four Operators must also be accompanied by a fifth – the pilot.

Because these were details spotted by fans, there’s been no official word from Warzone, so we don’t know exactly how five man squads will work. It may be that this will be a permanent addition to the game rolled out with the Season 5 update, but it could also be a feature only available for a limited time, only available in a specific mode, or might be added at some point throughout Season 5, rather than being available right from the start.

5 Man Squads coming to Warzone? from CODWarzone

Patrick Kelly, Infinity Ward’s co-head, has previously discussed the fact that five man squads have been used internally during an interview with USA Today. It feels like a natural step for Warzone to take, but until Season 5 is out, we won’t know for sure. The trailer was cinematic rather than gameplay centric, so it might have been artistic license on Infinity Ward’s behalf, although that doesn’t seem like the wisest move.

The new update launches tomorrow (August 5), but PS4 players can pre-install it right now.

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