Some Call of Duty: Modern Warfare players can pre-download Season 5

After suffering for many agonising months with Call of Duty: Modern Warfare’s massive, hard drive-busting update files, it seems Activision has finally taken pity and allowed players to pre-download the next one so they can jump straight into Season 5.

PlayStation players began reporting earlier that they were able to download the 36GB update for Season 5 – which is actually considerably smaller than most other update files – up to two days before the new season kicks off on August 5. While the file itself could be downloaded, the actual installation won’t take place until the start of the season, meaning there’ll still be a little bit of waiting.

Strangely, this is only happening on PS4, and it is only available for a seemingly random group of players. Whether this is an error or maybe some form of trial run for making all future updates downloadable in plenty of time is not known, and the early download hasn’t been promoted by Activision or Sony.

The early download of the files could potentially lead to some juicy details being dug out by the datamining community, so don’t be surprised if a few leaks surface before Season 5 gets underway on Wednesday.

The introduction of a new operator faction, Shadow Company, has already been revealed, with the addition of characters Lerch and Velikan. The AN-94 also looks to be the latest weapon to be added into Modern Warfare after it was spotted in screenshots.

But what Warzone fans are really waiting for is map changes. Teasers have suggested big things are coming to Verdansk, such as a train going around the map, and Stadium becoming fully explorable after some form of explosion blows the roof off.

If you’ve taken some time out from dropping into Verdansk, but Season 5 is luring you back, maybe get back up to speed with our Call of Duty: Warzone tips guide.