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Some of Valorant’s four launch maps will have more than two bomb sites

And one of the maps will have... Wait, teleporters?


In the barrage of information that has been hurled at expectant gaming fans about Valorant, one aspect has been slightly buried amongst the rest. While a lot of the focus has been on the gunplay, the servers, and the agents and their respective abilities, not all that much has been said about the maps.

However, as has been revealed by ‘Qwixzo,’ who had the opportunity to be part of the initial play test at Riot HQ, Valorant’s maps are going to be quite different from the kind of maps we’re used to seeing in a classic Search and Destroy-style modes.

Qwixzo firstly reveals that there will be four maps for players to get to grips with when Valorant launches this summer, and says that as well as having bomb sites as focus points for gunfights to occur, there will also be “blue orbs lying around” in various locations, which both teams can utilise. Successfully capturing an orb will make it quicker for you and your teammates to power up to your ultimate abilities.

He then discusses the two maps that he was allowed to play at the event, Haven (which is seen in the Valorant dev playtest footage) and Bind, which are by no means traditional maps like the ones we see in CS:GO.

The biggest revelation is that maps will not be limited to two bomb sites, with Haven being a three-laned map with three bomb sites. Bind, meanwhile, does have the usual two bomb sites, but throws out the rulebook in terms of traditional map design. Bind has no middle area or lane, and instead teams can move from one lane to another using teleporters. Yep, teleporters.

While teleporters can quickly send your team (and, as Qwixzo points out, their abilities too) to the other side of the map quickly, the downside is that it makes a lot of noise.

With maps seeming to all have their own unique differences, it means that the weapon and agent meta will likely change significantly from one to the other. Little is known about the other two launch maps, but they too will likely have their own quirks that will require vastly different tactics and play styles.