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Leaker claims Call of Duty: Modern Warfare could get 60 remastered maps

1v1 me, bro

Modern Warfare

Dozens of iconic old school Call of Duty maps could be making their way to the Modern Warfare multiplayer if recent leaks are to be believed. Although recent datamines suggest Backlot and Village will be coming to the game as part of Season 3, files for many more maps have been discovered.

Reputable leaker TheGamingRevolution believes around 60 “fan-favourite” maps from the Modern Warfare trilogy have been reworked for the new Modern Warfare game, although with the current release schedule, it’s likely that these maps will be added over a long period of time.

Although we may occasionally see a new map or two added to the map pool, it looks like we could well be seeing Activision turn Modern Warfare into a homage to games past, even if the company previously denied making a “best of” game before.

“It makes sense because there’s already a tonne in the files and that’s not everything,” TheGamingRevolution tweeted last night.

As with every leak, you have to take things with a pinch of salt, but given Activision’s track record of releasing remastered maps to generate nostalgia among Call of Duty fans playing the latest game, and TheGamingRevolution’s previous leaking history, there might be a grain of truth in this.