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Summit1g says Valorant will be “ten times the game” Overwatch is

There were no punches spared for poor Overwatch here...

As was evident from the tsunami of tweets in the last few days from pro players and streamers, a lot of them managed to get their hands on (and thoroughly enjoy) Valorant at this weekend’s influencer playtest.

One such player at the event – Twitch’s most watched streamer so far in 2020, Jaryd ‘Summit1g’ Lazar – has already been heaping the praise on Valorant and has claimed that April 7 (the day the closed beta goes live in a number of regions) will be “the day my life begins” in a tweet.

But when asked by his chat during his March 31 stream why he was so excited for Valorant and how it stacks up compared to a game like Overwatch, he didn’t hold back in illustrating just how much of a difference there is between the two. An animated Summit1g claims that Riot’s FPS will be “ten times” better than Overwatch from a viewer’s standpoint, and explains why the gameplay gives such a better experience to the player.

“As a guy who’s even played the damn game [Overwatch] I don’t know what the fuck is going on or where the fights are happening,” Summit1g says. “That game is all over the motherfucking place. I can almost guarantee you Valorant will be ten times the game, at least [for] spectating.”

He goes on to compare Valorant to CS:GO for its ability to produce exciting “hero plays” while  also describing Overwatch battles as two “balls of shit” colliding with each other.

Summit1g then outlines why Valorant gameplay feels so good, saying it’s balanced and effective to work as a team but that crazy solo plays are also still possible if you’re skilled enough with the weapons.

The hype for Valorant is now really building to an enormous level. The embargo for the content captured by influencers at last weekend’s playtest is lifted on April 3, so expect a fresh wave of excitement then.

After that, it’s just a few more days until the beta, where us mere mortals will be able to see for ourselves whether Valorant is as good as the likes of Summit1g say it is.