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The GTA 6 trailer for PS5 is cool but this PS1 style trailer is better

The GTA 6 trailer is still fresh for the PS5 and Xbox title, but avid Rockstar Games fans are already giving it a PS1 style makeover.

GTA 6 trailer ps5 ps1 style

Rockstar Games are always at the forefront of pushing the medium of games forward. Whether it is Red Dead Redemption or more recently with the first look at GTA 6, each experience is masterfully rendered, and the GTA 6 trailer shows that tradition will continue. While it will certainly look superb on PS5, fans of the franchise are wondering what it could like with a PS1 makeover.

With the debut glimpse of GTA 6 out in the wild, many of you will be scouring the trailer for details on the GTA 6 map, GTA 6 radio stations or strange story theories. However, YouTuber ‘Jushton’ has their priorities set elsewhere, as they reimagine the game’s trailer, as if it was releasing on the PS1. While the entire trailer isn’t rendered in this fashion, Jushton’s work is nonetheless an impressive recreation of specific shots, taking us back to an age of low-poly goodness.

The trailer is put together using Blender, a popular 3D animation tool, which is free for anyone to download. Jushton’s channel consists of multiple videos that re-create pop culture moments in a variety of styles, but it is the lovable PS1 aesthetic that the content creator often returns to. They’ve even used their talents to given movies the Christopher Nolan blockbuster Oppenheimer a visual overhaul, too. Now, Rockstar Games are never going to give us this style on PS5, but hey, it isn’t like the studio hasn’t used throwbacks to the past before.

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Max Payne 3 Sam Lake

Max Payne 3 players will remember how Rockstar Games added in a Classic Character Pack, which gave Max Payne the likeness of Sam Lake once more. Lake lent his face to the character in the first game, as Remedy Entertainment had a limited budget to work with, using various members of the development team to fill out character roles. These days, the Remedy Entertainment creative director portrays a very on-the-nose homage to Max Payne in Alan Wake 2.

Like Alan Wake 2, GTA 6 could likely end up as one of the best PS5 games around, but the wait for the GTA 6 release date is going to be a long one. That means there is plenty of time to get yourself engrossed in all manner of GTA 6 theories that are taking the game’s community by storm. One theory claims that Lucia, the game’s female protagonist, is actually this bikini-clad woman in the trailer. We’re sorry, but just don’t see, but feel free to judge for yourself.

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On the game’s visual polish, though, ex-Rockstar Games animator Mike York firmly believes that the game will deliver, if not exceed, what can already be seen in the trailer. York previously worked on GTA 5, so we think York is in a good place to affirm this. Before GTA 6 does eventually arrive, keep up with all the new PS5 games coming in 2024.