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Xbox Winterfest gives you 33 free demos of hidden gems to play now

ID@Xbox Game Demo Winterfest brings players a huge offering of new Xbox games to explore, as over 30 Xbox game demos go live to download.

ID@Xbox Winterfest free demos

If you’re looking for something different to play on your Xbox, then the latest ID@Xbox offerings are going to be right up your street. Not only because there is a smattering of free Xbox game demos to play, but because you might just find a hidden gem you may have otherwise overlooked. So, don’t overlook the recent Xbox Winterfest demo event, as here is what you can expect to download free of charge.

There are loads of new Xbox games to play before the year is over, and we often find that many of the best Xbox games we’ve played are titles that might not be in the limelight. In a brand-new Xbox blog post, Microsoft details that there is “33 incredible demos to play on Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One. Just like last year’s Winter Game Demo event, you can download and play these in the comfort of your own home between December 5 – 31 [2023].”

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Microsoft advises you to air caution with some of these demos, though, as they aren’t representative of the quality the full release will deliver. It is also applicable to the region that the game releases in, as this is subject to change too. Nevertheless, the blog post clarifies, “developers [will] continue to update and refine their title ahead of launch. So, don’t forget, you can help provide early feedback to the devs.”

We’ve been enjoying games like Captain Bones on PC prior to this Xbox demo, which aesthetic slightly reminds of those good old MiniClip RuneScape days. Simply times, they were. If you’re waiting for the Skull and Bones release date, or fancy something different to Sea of Thieves, we reckon this open world pirate game is worth your time.

There’s also Deceive Inc., which is the perfect game for you if you like betrayal, double-crossing, and hilarious nonsense with your friends. Think of it like Among Us, except you can get into a fiery gunfight at any given moment. There are different classes to master as you figure out the best way to get into the vault, as Deceive Inc. brings a heist twist to the table. It isn’t quite on the level like games such as Payday 3 when it comes to larceny simulation, but you’ll have a blast either way.

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So what other games are amid the selection? Here’s what you download on your console right now:

  • 502’s Arcade (502 Studios)
  • Backbeat (Ichigoichie) – Available Now
  • Captain Bones (World of Poly)
  • Champion Shift (SRG Studios)
  • Chessarama (Minimol Games) – Available Now
  • Deceive Inc. (Sweet Bandits Studios), available now
  • Dinosaur Fossil Hunter (Pyramid Games S.A.)
  • Donut Dodo (pixel.games)
  • Go Mecha Ball (Whale Peak Games)
  • Hidden Through Time 2 (Rogueside)
  • Howl (Mi’pu’mi Games), pre-order now
  • Kiborg (Sobaka Studio)
  • King Arthur: Knight’s Tale (NeocoreGames), pre-order now
  • Kingdoms and Castles (BlitWorks Games), available now
  • Long Gone Days (Serenity Forge),  available now
  • New Star GP (New Star Games)
  • Oppidum (EP Games)
  • Parcel Corps (Secret Mode)
  • Pinball FX (Zen Studios); available now
  • Pinball M (Zen Studios), available now
  • PlateUp! (It’s Happening)
  • Puzzledorf (Stuart’s Pixel Games)
  • Roguematch: The Extraplanar Invasion (Starstruck Games)
  • Shoulders of Giants (Moving Pieces Interactive), available now
  • Sker Ritual (Wales Interactive)
  • Slave Zero X (Poppy Works), pre-order now
  • Slopecrashers (byteparrot)
  • Space Boat (Recombobulator Games)
  • SquadBlast (Ultrahorse)
  • Strings Theory (BeautifulBee)
  • The Holy Gosh Darn (Perfectly Paranormal)
  • The Land Beneath Us (FairPlay Studios)
  • Vagrus – The Riven Realms (Lost Pilgrims Studio)

We think this is plenty if you’re bored at home this holiday season. So, don’t hesitate, try out these free demos immediately. Or, you could also check out the best Xbox Game Pass games available too.