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The Finals’ Heavy class is ruining the experience on PS5 and Xbox

It's hard to deny The Finals’ Heavy isn't the best class, so nerfs could be on the way following widespread concern over class imbalance on PS5 and Xbox.

The Finals Heavy best class nerfs: A close-up of a character wearing sunglasses on the right half of the screen, looking to the left which features a red arrow pointing downwards against a blurred background of gameplay.

Since the release of The Finals, players and content creators have been pitting each of The Finals’ classes against each other to find the best one. So far, the Heavy class has reigned supreme while the Light class has sunk to the bottom of the pile. With the Heavy having access to some of the best tools in the game and great overall stats, it’s no surprise that many are calling for The Finals Heavy nerfs to fix the multiplayer balance issues on PS5 and Xbox.

It was just a few days ago when we first reported that criticism has plagued The Finals’ Light class, with complaints about weak stats and equipment. However, The Finals’ community is torn on how to approach the issue of the Heavy class, with nerfs even on the table. With the long road to progress The Finals’ battle pass in Season 1, we can only hope balance changes will make one of the best FPS games and best free shooting games even more fun on PS5 and Xbox.

With three classes to pick from, what makes the Heavy so dominant in The Finals? Firstly, the Heavy has the highest base health pool out of the lot, with a hearty 350 health that can keep you alive against all odds, especially when compared to the Light’s measly 150 HP. The Heavy also has access to the RPG, one of the best equipment options in the entire game. Not only is the RPG great for controlled destruction but it’s also a deadly one-hit weapon in most circumstances.

The Finals Heavy best class nerfs: A player aiming at an enemy with the Lewis Gun inside a dark room.

However, that’s not all. Many players have identified two strategies that make the Heavy particularly broken – C4 explosives and a throwable, and the Mesh Shield.

By attaching C4 to a throwable item, such as a canister or even a chair, the Heavy can instantly kill enemies with an explosive mundane object. What’s more, it’s virtually impossible to counter such a strategy given how fast the throwable objects travel and the distance the Heavy class can throw. One player describes it as a “braindead combo” that “needs a slight nerf”. Another notes that even in higher-ranked lobbies you’ll find three Heavy players “running around with canisters with C4 on them”, and even if you somehow manage to dodge the deadly barrage, “they pull out three rocket launchers”.

So, how can this crafty C4 strategy be solved? Reducing the overall damage of the C4 explosive is one way to do it, and certainly the most straightforward way to curb this broken Heavy strategy in The Finals. Similarly, if C4 had weight it would reduce the distance these makeshift missiles could travel and make it harder to hit your target. However, fans have suggested removing the C4 equipment from the Heavy altogether, restricting this deadly device to the Medium class, and we think that’s for the best. The Heavy already has access to the RPG and a suite of grenades to help demolish the map.

As for the Heavy’s shield ability, this has also been incredibly problematic, granting the user a hardy defensive wall to protect themselves and allies – which has made attacking objectives incredibly challenging. With the so-called buff to the Glitch Grenade increasing the detonation time, disabling these shields is now actually harder than ever, effectively buffing the Heavy by extension. As you might have guessed, the community has also been in uproar over the strength of this ability, calling for nerfs.

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With the Heavy having the best health, destruction capabilities, fortification opportunities, and even several great weapons, this class brings way too much to the table with little downsides outside of a lack of traversal speed. While many have called for The Finals’ developer Embark Studios to nerf the Heavy, this approach is not without its critics. Advocating for the buffing of weaker classes rather than nerfing the Heavy, one player explains that “part of the fun of this game is the bombastic nature”, wishing for this aspect to be turned up further. Some even disagree with the idea that the Heavy is broken to begin with, favoring the mobility of the Light class despite its low health or the general versatility of the Medium class.

So, with class balance up in the air right now pending actions from the developer, Heavy will continue to rain on the parade with its incredibly potent kit, especially in well-coordinated teams. Poor balance has a massive impact on the overall experience and has been severely impacting the enjoyment of those who don’t want to play the Heavy, so hopefully, changes will be made sooner rather than later. While you wait for potential nerfs in what is arguably one of the best games right now, check out all the secret ways you can demolish The Finals’ maps or how The Finals feels like the first truly next-gen FPS on PS5 and Xbox.