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The Finals gives Apex Legends and MW3 stiff competition on Twitch

The Finals is rising to stand toe to toe with MW3 and Apex Legends on Twitch, as PS5 and Xbox fans tune in for the Embark Studios FPS.

The Finals Twitch

It can be hard to stand out from the crowd in the FPS scene, but Embark Studios is managing to stand its ground with The Finals. Following the game’s surprise release during The Game Awards, PS5 and Xbox fans are fleeing to the vibrant shooter, leaving behind the likes of MW3 and Apex Legends in the process. But it isn’t just showing in the game’s recent player base numbers, but Twitch viewership is reflecting The Finals’ popularity too.

There’s plenty to like about The Finals, which is undoubtedly one of the best FPS games you can play for free right now on PS5 and Xbox. You’ve got the recent The Finals Twitch Drops to claim, as well as The Finals holiday update to sink your teeth into, and many are showing off the latter on Twitch. At the time of publication, The Finals is holding its own against Modern Warfare 3 and Apex Legends, as the Embark Studios shooter stands confidently with 18.5K viewers.

The Finals MW3 Apex Legends Twitch

The Finals MW3 Apex Legends Twitch

Comparatively, the latest Call of Duty entry is slipping just below The Finals, with 18.2K people currently watching MW3 streams. Furthermore, when it comes to one of the best royale games out there, Apex Legends is staring down The Finals directly with 18.5K viewers too. However, it wasn’t like this earlier in the week. In fact, The Finals actually managed to surpass Apex Legends for a brief period of time. According to ‘TheFinalIntel’ on social media, Apex Legends dropped to just over 21K viewers, while The Finals loomed over it with 47.3K players tuning in.

Of course, The Finals is a new PS5 game and new Xbox game, so we can apply somewhat of a recency bias to it. Nevertheless, the love for the FPS isn’t just showing in viewing gameplay on Twitch, but in diving into the game itself. Embark Studios reveals in a new social media post confirms a huge milestone for the game: “To all you 10 million contestants (!) who have entered the arena since launch — a huge thank you.”

The Finals 10 million players PS5 Xbox

It is a pretty study number to announce this early for The Finals, but with no roadmap confirmed at present, we’re curious to see how Embark Studios maintain the game’s momentum. Right now, the current The Finals battle pass will take a considerable amount of time to complete, 59 days to precise. You’ll need to be playing it virtually every day to make decent progress, though. And with only a limited selection of modes and 4 maps to choose from, we hope that the energy doesn’t completely dissipate as we enter the new year.

Meanwhile, Modern Warfare 3 is currently welcoming players into MW3 CODMAS, a new holiday themed event.