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Vital upgrade for your LEGO Fortnite vehicles to hit PS5 and Xbox soon

Building vehicles in LEGO Fortnite is fun, but trying to control them isn't, so Epic Games is working on fixing that for you PS5 and Xbox.

LEGO Fortnite vehicles steering wheel Xbox PS5: a lego man with the two logos

Creating vehicles in LEGO Fortnite is as challenging as it is rewarding and, without any official way to control anything you build, actually using them effectively is an entirely different problem. Sure, Fortnite players are finding ways around that and using a myriad of seemingly unrelated items to wrestle some control over their LEGO Fortnite vehicles, but it’s not always as effective as it could be and certainly isn’t a fantastic replacement for an item built with the intention of allowing you to steer things. Thankfully, Epic Games is well aware of everyone’s creations and has confirmed that it’s working on introducing new ways to steer any vehicles you build in the future.

Somehow, to everyone’s surprise, Epic Games’ LEGO Fortnite is actually fantastic. We know it can be hard to pull away from all the new PS5 games and new Xbox games available at the moment, but this new way to play Fortnite – which doesn’t really feel like Fortnite at all (in the best possible way) – is one of the best survival games on consoles at the moment and is as charming as it is addictive. One aspect of this game that makes it really impressive, though (or, rather the people playing really impressive), is the fact that you can use standard structure-based building items like floor panels and roofing to create vehicles.

As you can see for yourself down below, from wide-winged airplanes to great naval vessels, LEGO Fortnite is the ultimate brick-based playground and quite a few of the millions of players enjoying this mode every day are using their initiative and some interesting building techniques to take advantage of the robust physics engine in play and create new ways to traverse the expansive landscape on offer.

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However, without this being something fully supported by the in-game items available – which is why people are using things like wooden walls, balloons, and carefully-placed activation switches – creating a vehicle that you can actually use effectively isn’t as easy as it could be.

Thankfully, that’s all about to change – or, at least, it should be. Don’t worry, we’ll explain.

On December 15, LEGO Fortnite shared a social media post explaining that “the team is working on ways for you to be able to steer some of the amazing things that you’re building” – which is great news. However, the team is also “not quite ready yet” – which is less-great news. We’ve all been asked to keep our eyes peeled, but LEGO Fortnite hasn’t shared any sort of update on when these new items will be made available – or even what these new items will look like.

We believe that at least one of these new items, if there’s more than one, will be a standard steering wheel – a piece you’ve been able to find in real-life LEGO sets for decades now. However, we also think a steering item inspired by a six spooke wooden ship’s wheel – like something you’d see used on a pirate ship – would make a lot of sense. It’s not only something you can find in real-life LEGO sets, but also fits thematically into the whimsical fantasy of this experience.

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Whatever these steering items look like, though, they’ll be an improvement on the current system and give your LEGO Fortnite vehicles a huge upgrade – both in their performance and their usability.

If you want to take a break from LEGO Fortnite and wait for the arrival of this new item (or these new items, if there’s more than one), you’ll be pleased to know that a new Fortnite Festival guitar controller is coming and it could be available in a matter of weeks. Sure, you can play through any one of the new Fortnite Festival songs with all your favorite Fortnite Peely skins (and any other skin you own, of course), but playing this new Rock Band-esque mode with a guitar controller really is just going to hit different.

Or, of course, you can hop into Rocket Racing – another new experience available in Fortnite, despite what the name suggests. This might not be among the best racing games on PS5 and Xbox just yet, some of the best Xbox Game Pass games are Forza titles (and they’re very, very good racing games), but it’s far from a bad racing game and the fact it’s available in Fortnite alongside both LEGO Fortnite and Fortnite Festival – on top of the Battle Royale and Zero Build – only makes it more impressive.

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