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How to play Armored Core 6 multiplayer, PvP details, more

Find out exactly how Armored Core 6 multiplayer will work when you want to take down some mechs with your friends on PS5, PS4, Xbox, and PC.

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Any returning Armored Core fan is undoubtedly itching to know what FromSoftware has in store when it comes to Armored Core 6 multiplayer, as the franchise returns on PS5, PS4, Xbox, and PC. Well, this guide is for you as we have a full breakdown of what you can expect when it comes to the mecha game’s multiplayer offering and Armored Core 6 PvP, as well as how to play Armored Core 6 multiplayer.

With Armored Core 6 finally here after years of waiting, with our Armored Core 6 review painting it as one of the best games of 2023, this excellent candidate for the best RPG games of all time list delivers an exceptional (and challenging) multiplayer mode. So, if you’ve had enough of the Armored Core 6 bosses for now, here’s what you need to know.

How to unlock Armored Core 6 multiplayer

To unlock Armored Core 6’s multiplayer mode, you’ll need to complete the ‘Ocean Crossing’ mission, which is the final mission of Chapter 2. Once you finish the mission, you’ll be able to access the D-Rank Arena and NEST.

Compared to FromSoftware’s previous game, Elden Ring, which allowed you to access multiplayer after completing the brief tutorial. That being said, Armored Core 6’s way of unlocking multiplayer allows you to get accustomed to the various controls, as well as which of the early-game equipment is the best.

How to play Armored Core 6 multiplayer

To access the Armored Core 6 multiplayer mode, you’ll need to head to the NEST option in the Garage and enter Custom Match. Here, you can either create a room with a variety of options to suit you and your friends or search for some random players to fight against.

Armored Core 6’s multiplayer is player-versus-player, also known as PvP, with no co-op option. In the PvP mode, you’re able to customize your mech and fight against other players in 1v1 or 3v3 fights. That means you may want to pick out the best Armored Core 6 weapons before jumping into matches.

A lot of the features in the main game’s story mode are available here. These include the Assault Boost and Stagger moves which are brand new for this game. You can customize your mech’s weapons, colors, and gear. This mode does not allow you to heal at all. You only get one life and there aren’t any revives.

Unfortunately, for those of you with friends on various platforms, Armored Core 6 crossplay is not available. This is disappointing, considering most new Xbox games and new PS5 games feature crossplay compatibility, but since Elden Ring didn’t offer it, we’re not surprised Armored Core 6 didn’t get crossplay either.

While a future update could add crossplay functionality, you shouldn’t get your hopes up. Adding crossplay to existing games is a daunting task, as proven by the history of Apex Legends’ cross-progression. Of course, it would be great if it eventually came, allowing us to demolish (or be demolished) by those on other platforms, we’d place our bets on it never coming.

We got to see the debut gameplay of PvP during the August 2023 Armored Core 6 showcase. Here content creators ‘Oroboro’ and ‘FightinCowboy’ went head to head and faced off in a tense match. In the matches, there is also a timer to ensure you aren’t fighting forever. In that case, both teams’ health and the players who are left alive are taken into account and determine who wins.

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FromSoftware’s Hidetaka Miyazaki originally confirmed that multiplayer would arrive in a December 2022 interview with IGN. During that same interview, he also confirmed that the game wouldn’t feature any co-op within the story mode, however. The player information was later confirmed thanks to an online retail listing and the Armored Core 6 showcase.

Does Armored Core 6 need multiplayer?

What’s better than playing as a giant, destructive mech? Playing as a giant, destructive mech alongside your pals who are also piloting giant, destructive mechs, of course.

Being able to go into the Armored Core 6 Assembly system and create a specialized mech that fits in with a composition, rather than just whatever fits the needs of a mission adds another dimension to its gameplay. PvP arenas are also incredibly exciting as they offer another way to play the game and use everything on offer.

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