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All Armored Core 6 bosses in order

The Armored Core 6 bosses that you are able to take on as you explore the vast world of Rubicon will ensure you keep your weapons hot on PS5, PS4, Xbox, and PC.

Armored Core 6 Bosses: A mech can be seen

What are the Armored Core 6 bosses? FromSoftware games have made a name for themselves in recent years and one of the reasons is the memorable and challenging enemies. Keeping this tradition and adapting what has been learned so far, defeating the Armored Core 6 bosses requires the right strategy – and mech! – on PS5, PS4, Xbox, and PC.

In Armored Core 6, players explore a post-apocalyptic world where massive metal structures are as part of the landscape as the arid soil. By piloting their mechs, called Armored Cores, players go through flashy battles that require using the Armored Core 6 Assembly system to adapt their mech in the best way possible to respond to the different types of enemies found throughout the Armored Core 6 missions. Developer FromSoftware has made some of the best games of all time, with epic boss fights one of the reasons that make them some great, and things are no different here in Armored Core 6.

All Armored Core 6 bosses in order

The Armored Core 6 boss order is as follows:

  • AH12 HC Helicopter
  • HA-T-102 Juggernaut
  • AAP07 Balteus
  • EC-0804 Smart Cleaner
  • IA-13 Sea Spider
  • IA-02 Ice Worm
  • AAP03 Enforcer
  • IB-01 CEL 240
  • IB-C03 HAL 826
  • IB-07 SOL 644

You can see our rundown of what each one is capable of below, as we continue finishing up defeating each and every one of them. While this list doesn’t contain every sub-boss – most of them being named ACs that you fight in the Arena, anyway, these are the most important encounters.

Armored Core 6 bosses: Helicopter

AH12 HC Helicopter

A large helicopter mech that has plenty of guns to match its size, it flies across the area, firing plenty of gatling guns at you alongside some nasty rockets. The AH12 HC Helicopter is a boss that will teach you how to handle yourself when flying against a tough enemy, with its sheer size being its biggest weakness, however, using your weapons isn’t the trick to defeating this boss.

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Armored Core 6 bosses: Juggernaut

HA-T-102 Juggernaut

If you can see the HA-T-102 Juggernaut from the front, then you should definitely shoot it from the back – seriously, it’s the only place that takes damage. This heavily-armored boss is relatively trivial for the first phase thanks to the allied AC running interference. However, after your buddy dips out, it’s down to you to get creative and blindside the boss.

Armored Core 6 bosses: Balteus

AAP07 Balteus

One of the big, challenging bosses in Armored Core 6, the AAP07 Balteus boss can have hundreds (maybe exaggerating, but it’s definitely a lot) of missile launchers encircling its body, which fire out all at one time. Fortunately, this boss seems to be less agile than others, meaning you can deal plenty of damage in quick succession.

That being said, the boss also contains an EMP attack, which obviously isn’t good for our (electronically powered) mech, meaning you’ll be stunned if you get too close and don’t dash away.

Armored Core 6 bosses: Smart Cleaner

EC-0804 Smart Cleaner

This giant furnace robot with massive shredders at the end of its arms is a real threat players need to face. First of all, the battle happens in a large arena due to how big the enemy is. Moving on a circular base with a furnace on its back, this mech uses its long arms to attack players and try to smash them with its heated shredders. To do so, it can go for a piercing attack trying to trap players between its long arms or a sequence of two attacks that reach pretty far, serving as a gap closer as well.

Because it has only a set of boosters at its back, the boss is fast to advance toward the player but kind of slow to reposition itself. In case players try to escape its thrusts by going around it to its back, the mech throws balls that seem to be made of heated metal. Fortunately, for players, it has some weak spots from where it seems they take more damage. On the other hand, this is a deadly enemy, and it can quickly bring you down.

This mech is prepared for melee and long-range combat, even against flying enemies. It has an energy blade at its right arm for fast close-range combat, going from one to two consecutive attacks. Besides that, this mech also has a weapon that it uses whenever players get far from it or start flying around. Although this enemy is quite fast when it comes to moving and repositioning, a build focused on speed seems the best way to win this battle.

Armored Core 6 bosses: Sea Spider

IA-13 Sea Spider

A hulking, armored arthropod, the Sea Spider has two phases, each with distinct forms. While grounded, it unleashes devastating crushing attacks with its legs, and charged laser attacks with the cannon mounted to it. When the Sea Spider takes flight, its laser becomes an orbital cannon, inviting you to also take to the skies in order to steer clear of it.

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Armored Core 6 bosses: CATAPHRACT

AA-602 Cataphract

This large Mech Tank makes up for its lack of flying abilities by having some fast ground dashes as well as plenty of high-firepower guns. Fortunately, you have some support here, so you aren’t facing it alone.

Armored Core 6 bosses: Ice Worm

IA-02 Ice Worm

The final boss of Chapter 3, Ice Worm is an absolute treat of a fight, especially for Elden Ring fans who loved taking on General Radahn. Joined by an alliance of ACs, you’re tasked with zapping down this wiggly weapon of mass destruction – something which requires precision timing and a metric tonne of explosives to achieve.

Armored Core 6 bosses: Enforcer

AAP03 Enforcer

One of the harder AC-based bosses, the AAP03 Enforcer has a variety of attacks across the weapon types within its arsenal. The fight itself takes place in a fairly narrow space, making it difficult to dodge everything the Enforcer throws at you – this does include the kitchen sink – so timing its most-devastating attacks well is paramount to victory.

Armored Core 6 bosses: CEL 240

IB-01 CEL 240

Blink and you’ll miss the CEL 240 – seriously, this boss puts Sonic to shame and makes tracking a nightmare. Boasting a whole suite of flashy laser-based abilities, this autonomous AC requires lightning-fast reactions and tight timing on the trigger to take down.

Armored Core 6 bosses: HAL 826

IB-C03 HAL 826

The first of the two possible final bosses you can encounter on your first two playthroughs, HAL 826 – The Handler – fires off consecutive big laser attacks, though he’s not nearly as mobile as the second possible boss – more on that below. Defeating The Handler will give you the Liberator of Rubicon ending.

Armored Core 6 bosses: SOL 644

IB-07 SOL 644

The second of the two possible final bosses you can encounter on your first two playthroughs, SOL 644 – Ayre – is in our opinion the much trickier of the two fights due to her zippiness. However, after fighting the CEL 240 you should be decently accustomed to taking on this style of AC, making the encounter much more manageable.

Armored Core 6 bosses: ALLMIND


The true final Armored Core 6 boss, ALLMIND can only be reached at the end of your New Game++ playthrough, provided you complete the required prerequisites. As the biggest bad in the game, expect nothing but the most bombastic of mecha warfare.

While we won’t spoil all the spicy parts of this encounter – you really should experience it for yourself – know that ALLMIND has two phases, the second of which sees them joined by a couple of aerial Sea Spiders. Fortunately, you’ll have help from a familiar face to even up the numbers a little.

Armored Core 6 bosses explained

Considering how impactful the last titles released by FromSoftware have been, there is a lot of curiosity regarding how the team behind the game has designed boss battles. Masaru Yamamura, the game director, has shared in an interview with IGN that boss fights are the highlights of the game.

YouTube Thumbnail

Some people wonder how much of his experience with Sekiro, a project where he was lead designer, would serve as an influence for Armored Core 6. The director said that, although enemies are very aggressive, their move sets can be learned in order for players to foresee their actions, and the presence of a stagger mechanic, like the one seen in Sekiro. Armored Core 6 hasn’t abandoned the series’ focus on finding the right parts to take on enemies.

Now, when it comes to specific details regarding the boss fights, the series’ mission-based structure is here and you can find a couple of bosses within each chapter of the game.

The fights have been designed to encourage aggressiveness from players as well because of the stagger system. By creating pressure, players can break the boss’ posture, giving them a window to land critical hits. The process of learning a boss pattern of attacks is less punitive in the game since, before each boss, there is a checkpoint, allowing players to try different builds or strategies.

And that’s all the Armored Core 6 bosses. If you have had your fill, why not check every Armored Core game you need to play now you have finished 6, as well as how Armored Core 6 multiplayer works?