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Armored Core 6 missions list

Find out all the Armored Core 6 missions and levels, as well as all the bosses, characters, and story you will encounter as you progress through AC6.

Armored Core 6 missions: A mech head pointing to the side.

Unlike the large open worlds and levels of the most well-known FromSoftware games, AC6 uses a mission and level structure. As such, here are all the Armored Core 6 missions so you know how many chapters and levels there are, which is important given you’ll be journeying back into certain missions to stay supplied.

This Armored Core 6 missions list will guide you through all the levels you can play, many of which feature deadly Armored Core 6 bosses to take down. The challenge, however, is how you can carve your way through your opponents without running out of supplies and money to keep your AC in tip-top shape. While having a strong grasp of all the Armored Core 6 weapons at your disposal will undoubtedly help, you’ll inevitably head back into your favorite missions to stay afloat as you try to overcome the Armored Core 6 length.

Armored Core 6 missions list

The 64 Armored Core 6 missions are:

  • Illegal Entry – mission 1
  • Beginner Training 1 – Basic Controls – training mission 1
  • Destroy Artillery Installations – mission 2-2
  • Beginner Training 2 – Combat Fundamentals – training mission 2
  • Grid 135 Cleanup – mission 3-2
  • Destroy the Transport Helicopters – mission 4
  • Destroy the Tester AC – mission 5
  • Attack the Dam Complex – mission 6
  • Mining Ship Takedown – mission 7
  • Intermediate Support 1: Assembling An AC – training mission 3
  • Intermediate Support 2: Reverse-Jointed ACs – training mission 4
  • Operation Wallclimber – mission 8
  • Intermediate Support 3: Tetrapod ACs – training mission 5
  • Intermediate Support 4: Tank ACs – training mission 6
  • Advanced Mercenary Certification – training mission 7
  • Retrieve combat logs – mission 9
  • Investigate BAWS Arsenal No. 2 – mission 10
  • Attack the Watchpoint – mission 11
  • Infinite Grid 086 – mission 12
  • Eliminate The Doser Faction – mission 13
  • Ocean Crossing – mission 14
  • Steal The Survey Data – mission 15
  • Tunnel Sabotage – mission 16
  • Eliminate V.VII – mission 17
  • Attack The Refueling Base – mission 18
  • Survey The Uninhabited Floating City – mission 19
  • Heavy Missile Launch Support – mission 20
  • Eliminate the Enforcement Squads – mission 21
  • Attack The Old Spaceport – mission 22
  • Eliminate ‘Honest’ Brute – mission 23
  • Historic Data Recovery – mission 24
  • Defend The Old Spaceport – mission 25
  • Destroy The Ice Worm – mission 26
  • Underground Exploration – Depth 1 – mission 27
  • Underground Exploration – Depth 2 – mission 28
  • Underground Exploration – Depth 3 – mission 29
  • Intercept The Redguns – mission 30
  • Unknown Territory Survey – mission 31
  • Reach The Coral Convergence – mission 32
  • Escape – mission 33
  • Take The Uninhabited Floating City – mission 34
  • Eliminate ‘Cinder’ Carla – mission 35
  • Destroy The Drive Block – mission 36
  • Bring Down The Xylem – mission 37
  • Attack The Dam Complex – mission 38 (alternate)
  • Prisoner Rescue – mission 39
  • Stop The Secret Data Breach – mission 40
  • Prevent Corporate Salvage of New Tech – mission 41
  • Destroy The Special Forces Craft – mission 42
  • Defend The Dam Complex – mission 43
  • Underground Exploration – Depth 2 – mission 44 (alternate)
  • Ambush The Vespers – mission 45
  • Unknown Territory Survey – mission 46 (alternate)
  • Intercept The Corporate Forces – mission 47
  • Breach The Karman Line – mission 48
  • Escort The Weaponized Mining Ship – mission 49
  • Obstruct The Mandatory Inspection – mission 50
  • Attack The Watchpoint – mission 51 (alternate)
  • Survey The Uninhabited Floating City – mission 52 (alternate)
  • Coral Export Denial – mission 53
  • Eliminate V.III – mission 54
  • MIA – mission 55
  • Regain Control of the Xylem – mission 56
  • Coral Release – mission 57

This mission list was from review playthroughs of the game and gameplay of these missions can be seen in the great full game walkthrough below from ‘Rubhen925’:

YouTube Thumbnail

FromSoftware revealed in an interview with GameBase that there are around 50 missions in Armored Core 6. Chapter 1 is made up of 11 missions, concluding with Attack the Watchpoint. With five chapters in total, there are a pretty even amount in all of them.

The AC6 missions are also designed to be played repeatedly with different endings, especially with New Game+ and an Armored Core 6 multiplayer mode for each level that becomes available after completing the story mode. Likewise, you can also replay missions if you’ve already completed if you need some extra money to refurbish your mech. You can replay a mission from the Garage menu screen under the Sortie tab.

After all, it should be easier to replay a mission than move onto the next one, making it a great strategy for staying topped-up. So, if you’re stuck in the Armored Core 6 Assembly looking to get more cash for supplies and upgrades, consider returning to a previous mission or pushing on ahead and trying your luck. You can see an overview of the introductory missions in Chapter 1 below.

Illegal Entry – Mission 1

  • Reward – 170,000 Credits

Illegal Entry is the first Armored Core 6 mission, kicking off Chapter 1 with a bombastic introduction. In Illegal Entry, you’re attempting to infiltrate the planet of Rubicon 3, but you are shortly shot down and forced to crashland on Rubicon in your AC mech. Guided by Handler Walter, you will follow his commands and traverse the frozen tundra, such as searching for a mercenary license.

Given this is the start of the game, the combat encounters and mission steps are fairly straightforward. With that said, there are plenty of paths you can take through the surprisingly large opening level and, in typical FromSoftware fashion, Illegal Entry features the first Armored Core 6 boss fight. The boss in question is the AH12 HC Helicopter, which can be a punishing opponent if you haven’t been paying attention to all the mechanics you’ve been taught so far.

Destroy Artillery Installations – Mission 2

  • Reward – 100,000 Credits
  • Location – Southern Belius, Contaminated City

For the second mission, you’ll be tasked with destroying Rubicon Liberation Front artillery installations that have been blocking your progress. We’re yet to get more details about this mission, but it rewards 100,000 Credits upon completion, with extra rewards based on the number of enemies destroyed. This suggests that it is potentially a shorter mission than Illegal Entry as it likely doesn’t include a boss fight.

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Grid 135 Cleanup – Mission 3

  • Reward – 68,000 Credits

Likewise, it’s largely unknown what the objectives are in the third mission, Grid 135 Cleanup. With the smaller pay-out and the name of the mission, it sounds as though this will be a more straightforward level tasking you with clearing a location of enemies.

Destroy the Transport Helicopters – Mission 4

  • Reward – 80,000 Credits

Destroy the Transport Helicopters is mission four, which we’re also yet to see in action. Though with a relatively straightforward name, we can expect to be taking the fight to an installation to destroy important helicopters. With a slightly larger pay-out, Destroy the Transport Helicopters could be a longer mission, or even feature a boss.

Destroy the Tester AC – Mission 5

  • Reward – 95,000 Credits

Mission five, Destroy the Tester AC, is likely to be on the longer side. With a moderately high pay-out and the objective of taking down a tester armored core unit, it’s likely that you’ll have to face off against a boss battle that will put your skills so far to the test.

Attack the Dam Complex – Mission 6

  • Reward – 150,000 Credits
  • Location – Gallia Dam Complex, Southern Belius

Taking place in the Gallia Dam Complex of Southern Belius, Attack the Dam Complex is mission six. This level sets us the task of attacking the Rubicon Liberation Front’s dam complex to destroy their generator facilities in a joint operation with Balam Industries, a corporation seeking to break through the local’s defenses on Rubicon. Interestingly, you’ll be accompanied by friendly craft during this mission, two of Balam Industries’ best ACs, so chances are you’ll be in for a fight. This is further reinforced by a large monetary reward for successfully completing the mission.

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Destroy the Weaponized Mining Ship – Mission 7

  • Reward – 220,000 Credits

Mission seven, Destroy the Weaponized Mining Ship, has a staggeringly large reward compared to the previous missions, which is a fitting prize for taking down a decked out mining ship on behalf of the Arquebus Corporation. This mining ship has been extensively weaponized by the Rubicon Liberation Front to become the STRIDER, a mobile and deadly resource station.

To destroy the STRIDER, you’ll need to take out a massive laser cannon, which first requires you destroy four shield generators. Be alert though, you’ll have to avoid the Eye laser or you’ll meet a grisly end.

Operation Wallclimber – Mission 8

  • Reward – Unknown

Following your success against STRIDER, you’re offered a place on Operation Wallclimber with Arquebus Corporation in mission eight. Here, you will assault a city, beginning outside the city walls before breaking in. Armed with cannons, sniper units, and a tetrapod MT, you’ll have to stay on your toes. Interestingly, you can actually find the friendly Redgun units that backed you up in mission six, though they are dead in the city streets.

This mission concludes with a boss fight against the HA-T-102 Juggernaut, a massive tank unit. While you’re joined by another AC in the first phase of the boss, you’re on your own for the second half. With all the chaos in this long mission, it’s certainly a highlight of Chapter 1.

Attack the Watchpoint – Mission 11

  • Reward – Unknown
  • Location – Watchpoint Delta, Northern Belius

Mission 11, Attack the Watchpoint is another long mission. You will begin by taking down a heavily armored squad in Sector 1 of Northern Belius, known as Watchpoint Delta. With such devastating long-range firepower, stay alert and mobile to survive. After this, you’ll be forced to take down Sulla – a veteran freelance AC fighter – in an intense boss fight.

It doesn’t end there though, after ignoring Sulla’s final warning, progressing through the Watchpoint will reward you with another boss fight. To wrap up this mission, you will need to defeat the AAP07 Balteus in an adrenaline-fueled bullet-hell boss fight.

That covers all the Armored Core 6 missions and levels including the story, characters, and boss fights you’ll encounter as you progress through the game. Now you have wrapped up the game, why not check out the best games like Armored Core 6 that you can play right now?