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Armored Core 6 length and how long to beat

Find out the Armored Core 6 length and how long it will take to beat the FromSoftware game on PS5, Xbox, and PC based on past experience with the series.

Armored Core 6 Length: A Armored Core can be seen

How long will it take to beat Armored Core 6? It feels good to say ‘Armored Core is back, baby’. After nearly ten years of absence, FromSoftware’s former flagship is back with a soft reboot that incorporates Soulslike design elements while striving to stay true to what makes Armored Core, Armored Core. That means a mission-based campaign structure and a story with multiple endings. So, here’s the Armored Core 6 length and how long it will take you to beat it.

With 14 games in the main series to look at (plus several spin-offs), we have no shortage of data to draw from when it comes to the Armored Core 6 playtime. And, if you haven’t played them then you may want to check out every Armored Core game to play before 6.

Armored Core 6 length

Armored Core 6’s length is 12-18 hours for a base, regular playthrough. This can then expand to 40-60 hours depending on if you are playing Armored Core 6’s new game plus mode and trying to go after all the endings. This has been discovered during several review playthroughs.

In a game with multiple story paths and over 50 levels making up the Armored Core 6 missions list, it might take you a few playthroughs to see everything. Armored Core 4 also had an ending you couldn’t see unless you beat the game three times, so it’s possible Armored Core 6 will also have a secret ending like this that rewards you for sinking loads of hours into it, potentially doubling or tripling this playtime.

Armored Core 6 Length: A Armored Core can be seen fighting a mech

Armored Core games can vary pretty wildly in length. The shortest ones, like Armored Core: Silent Line will take about six hours. The original Armored Core and Armored Core 4 can be beaten in around 8-10 hours. Other games, like Armored Core 2: Another Age, are almost double that length. And there’s just about everything in between.

Then you have weird ones like Nine Breaker and Master of Arena, which are essentially just the Arena mode. It looks like it will continue the trend by adding Soulslike elements off the back of FromSoft’s success with games like Elden Ring and presenting expansive levels.

Armored Core 6 Length: A Armored Core can be seen fighting a mech

If you want to see what to expect during those missions, check out the latest Armored Core 6 gameplay footage below. If you’re looking for a more detailed breakdown of the game’s systems, we recommend looking at VaatiVidya’s in-depth explainer of the footage.

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Factors that can affect your Armored Core 6 playtime

There are a few key factors that can affect the Armored Core 6 length and how long it takes to beat it:

  • Experience – AC6 might not be a traditional Soulslike, but it still has FromSoftware’s spirit for challenging encounters and bosses.
  • Builds – Crafting the perfect AC6 build for you will help you take down bosses and tough encounters much easier.
  • Replays – If you want to experience everything AC6 has to offer, you will likely have to replay the game at least once and you can even replay individual missions, both of which will add to your playtime.

The most important factor is likely to be you’re experience with FromSoftware’s titles and previous AC games, as this will go a long way in speeding up the playtime. After all, the Armored Core 6 bosses can provide quite a challenge for the uninitiated.

Likewise, having the best build for you will also help a lot. So, that means finding your favourite guns from the Armored Core 6 weapons list and heading into the Armored Core 6 Assembly to deck out your mecha.

Once we’ve played Armored Core 6, and we have an idea of what the Armored Core 6 length is, we will be sure to update this guide with more concrete information. For more on the game, check out what we know about Armored Core 6 multiplayer and the best games like Armored Core you should play once you finish FromSoftware’s latest.