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New PS5 system update makes your PlayStation more secure and stable

If you're jumping onto your PlayStation 5 and you want to know what the new PS5 system update is all about, here's what you need to know.

PS5 system update December 2023: an image of Kratos and some PlayStation logos

A new system software update is available for your PlayStation 5 console right now, and you really should make sure you download it ahead of your next gaming session. While there isn’t any major danger immediately, you’ll be pleased to know, this new PS5 system update is all about improving both the security and stability of the platform itself. So, if you’re planning on playing your PS5 a lot in the coming weeks and months, you really should make sure it’s all up to date.

When you take a look at what Sony and PlayStation is offering PS5 players this holiday season, there’s actually quite a lot to look forward to – beyond the mediocre PS Plus Season of Play promo event, anyway. You can get your hands on some free PS5 avatars right now, and the PS Plus December 2023 games line-up is offering up some of the best free PS Plus games we’ve seen all year. On top of all this, the new Avatar Frontiers of Pandora release date is upon us, the Alan Wake 2 New Game Plus update is on the way, and some of the best battle royale games have new updates for you to enjoy. Then you have all the other new PS5 games out there and things like this free FC 24 multiplayer weekend to enjoy; it’s safe to say there’s a lot of videogames to play and a lot of fun to be had while doing so.

However, before all of that, you really do need to make sure you hop on and download the latest system software update. It shouldn’t take you too long, but it’s more important than you might think.

As this PlayStation Support webpage explains, the PS5 system software update introducing version 23.02-08.40.00 (we know, try getting your head around that numbering system regularly) implements numerous “security fixes to the system software” alongside improvements to both the performance and stability of your console. It also improves several messages and usability features on some screens; so, if you’ve been having a bit of trouble reading some things while you’re scrolling through the PlayStation Store or your Friends List, you should find those issues resolved once this update is downloaded and installed.

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This system software update comes just after another performance improvement in version 23.02-08.20.02 and alterations to the Music Control Center and PlayStation VR2 broadcast settings in version 23.02-08.20.00. We don’t know when the next system software update will be available – they’re sporadically released at the best of times – but this should be the last one of the year.

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