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Overwatch 2 latency issues render PS5 FPS borderline “unplayable”

Overwatch 2 latency issues on PS5 are tanking the game's FPS, making the Blizzard Entertainment shooter virtually unplayable right now.

Every frame counts in shooters like Overwatch 2, as one missed change can be the difference between victory or a brutal loss. It is especially crucial right now in the Blizzard Entertainment shooter, as OW2 players continue to feel the wrath of the latest update, which is leading to some serious Overwatch 2 latency issues. The severity of this dumbfounding problem varies, but you might just find yourself unable to play Overwatch 2 completely.

Overwatch 2 Season 8 Call of the Hunt is now live in one of the best FPS games around, but though the hero shooter can still serve up its own brand of thrills, the new update isn’t exactly proving to be functional. Affecting players in-game, using the menus, or in hero selection, Overwatch 2 fans across Reddit and the official Blizzard forums are reporting extreme PS5 frame drops. Latency drops normally happen when the game’s servers are experiencing issues, but it is possible this update could be affecting the game at a hardware level too.

Players like ‘ChemicalLow-4338’ believe that the game is “unplayable” in its current state, while others such as ‘McPumaro’ aren’t seeing improvements either : “I’m having the same issue. Updated the PS5 but not having any improvement.” ‘FoxyBonnie12’ is amid the outcries, adding “I can currently pay the game but the lag and frames drop is horrible what did they do.”

You can see just how detrimental this current update is to the state of Overwatch 2 above, as ‘deximew’ barely manages to move around the arena without consistent problem affecting their gameplay. Blizzard Entertainment is aware of the situation, as a response on social media details that “there isn’t an ETA at this time for when the fix will be available.” It might not be the answer you’re looking for, but rest assured this problem should be over soon.

However, there does appear to be a workaround until Blizzard Entertainment issues a hot fix to repair this issue. You’ll need to sacrifice the highs of Overwatch 2’s PS5 centric features, like increased resolution, though. If you download the PS4 version of Overwatch 2, you’ll be able to achieve 60 FPS with little issues, allowing you to continue the fight in of the best PS5 FPS games out there.

Overwatch 2 lag latency issues ps5

If you’re able to get moving in Overwatch 2, you can enjoy what Season 8 has to offer, including a brand-new 4v4 mode to do battle in. The latest Overwatch 2 patch notes detail that Grand Beast is a new “4v4 PvPvE game mode” where you’ll need to “protect yours while coordinating with your team to defeat the enemy beast.” Furthermore, players can try out the new tank character Mauga for free in this mode.

Mauga is touted to become one of the better Overwatch 2 heroes to use, but while this issue persists, their full potential is yet to be seen. Increase your chances of a victory, though, by putting the best Overwatch 2 crosshair settings to use.