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Best Overwatch 2 crosshair settings and set-up

Are you curious about the best Overwatch 2 crosshair? Here is what pro steup and settings you should be running with to do well in matches

Overwatch 2 Best Crosshair: Soldier: 76 can be seen

If you are playing Overwatch 2 and looking to up your game, you may be wondering what some of the best Overwatch 2 crosshair settings are. Whether it is the reticle type, colour, or sizing, there are a lot of ways to customise the crosshair’s look and it can have a bigger effect on your game than you may think.This guide will cover each of those options, what they represent, and why you should change them to the ones detailed below.

best Overwatch 2 crosshair settings?

The best Overwatch 2 crosshair set-up and settings are as follows:

  • Type: Crosshairs
  • Show Accuracy: On
  • Colour: White
  • Thickness: 1
  • Crosshair Length: 10
  • Center Gap: 25%
  • Opacity: 100%
  • Outline Opacity: 90%
  • Dot Size: 4
  • Dot Opacity: 100%
  • Scale With Resolution: On

These settings allow you to be more accurate and on target in matches. Crosshairs is the best reticle type and white is by far the best colour, standing out against most other heroes and maps. As for the sizing, settings like the thickness, centre gap, and crosshair length, all keep the crosshair as sleek as possible with the amounts above.

Then, Scale With Resolution allows you to keep the crosshair the same size depending on the resolution you are playing in, which is a super handy setting. Then, finally, when it comes to Opacity, you want to keep it up high so that you can see it in a match.

With the best Overwatch 2 crosshair, you should be more than able to up your game and really pull of some big plays in a match, whether you are playing causally or in Overwatch 2 competitive. If you are looking for a hero to pair your crosshair with, our Overwatch 2 tier list should also have you more than covered, especially when it comes to who you should use.