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PS5 players in for a relaxing month with new PS Plus December games

If you're looking for more free PS5 games, you'll be glad to know that PlayStation has confirmed the new PS Plus December 2023 games coming.

PS Plus December 2023 free games: an image of the Powerwash simulator man

If you’ve been waiting patiently for more free PS5 games from PS Plus, you’re really in for a treat next month. PlayStation is detailing the three – free –  PS Plus December 2023 games you can claim with your active PS Plus membership in a matter of days; all three games on offer will present you with a different, but equally therapeutic, experience and we can’t think of a better month in recent memory.

When you sit down and take a look at the selection of free PS Plus games you can claim with your PS Plus membership each month, they’re almost always hit-and-miss. There’s usually a decent game in each month’s offering, but then there’s always a dud – and that’s a real shame. Take a look at last month’s offering, for example; the still-available November 2023 PS Plus games line-up was decidedly underwhelming, offering players one of the worst remasters we’ve seen in recent years and a rather disappointing pair of PvE games.

Thankfully, though, December 2023 is shaping up to be a return to form for the service and then some. As you can see below, PS4 and PS5 players will be able to claim the following games from Tuesday, December 5, until Monday, January 1, with their PS Plus membership:

  • Lego 2K Drive (PS4 / PS5)
  • Powerwash Simulator (PS4 / PS5)
  • Sable (PS5)

PS Plus December 2023 free games: an image of all three games available as listed above

Lego 2K Drive might not sound as relaxing as Powerwash Simulator or Sable, but don’t let the brick-based explosions on offer fool you. This huge open-world racing adventure gives you the chance to create your own vehicles and explore the wonderful world of Bricklandia at your own pace – alone, or with your friends. It might not be a title that jumps out at you as one of the best PS5 racing games available, but it’s a fantastic title to pick-up and play if you just want to mess around; and, spending some time building your dream car or boat brick by brick is as therapeutic as anything.

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Powerwash Simulator, however, takes that to another level. As the name suggests, this viral hit is all about powerwashing pretty much anything you can turn your nozzle to. From dirty vans to houses and more, this really is one of the most satisfying ‘clean em ups’ out there and an experience it’s very easy to lose quite a few hours to. If you want a bit more purpose to your powerwashing, you can use the money you earn in-game to upgrade your gear and clean with even more efficiency – just like in real life (probably).

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As for Sable, well, you could argue that this is one of the best games of all time – and you would find quite a few people argee with your claim. In this experience, you’re tasked with guiding Sable through some spectacular landscapes – using a hoverbike, you’ll be pleased to know – on a journey of self-discovery filled with mystery and intrigue. With the encouragement to take your time and explore this world at your own pace, and the ever-talented Japanese Breakfast providing the soundtrack, this is the perfect game to decompress playing – and undoubtedly a win for PS Plus players able to pick it up for free.

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Just to reiterate, these games will be available from Tuesday, December 5, 2023 until Monday, January 1, 2024.

If you’re looking for something else, though, you can find out more about all the new PS5 games right here. The PS Store’s End of Year deals also include one of the best soulslike games available on the platform at 35% off; that, though won’t be nearly as relaxing to play.