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November PS Plus games underwhelm with this “low quality” remaster

The selection of November PS Plus games brings Mafia 2 Definitive Edition to PS4 and PS5 players, but many aren't happy to see it included.

PS Plus Mafia 2

Claiming your new PS Plus games is a treat to look forward to every month, as Sony adds a diverse selection of titles to enjoy. November’s selection of PS Plus games includes Mafia 2 Definitive Edition, a remaster of the 2010 action-adventure title from now-defunct developer 2K Czech. While the game enjoyed success on release, PS5 owners aren’t thrilled to see it join their PS Plus library.

You’ll be able to download all the latest free PS Plus games soon, one of which is arguably a great addition to the best open world games around – Mafia 2. Despite an excellent story and spin on tropes of the mobster genre, players like ‘Daphamman’ believe that “Mafia 2 is an alright game with a cool story, but the remaster is one of the most low effort remasters I have ever seen. It’s not even 60 FPS, not even on the PS5.” Sadly, the latter is true, and follows suit with the ground-up remake of the first Mafia game.

This feature is vital for some players who want to explore all the best PS5 games available on the service, but even through backwards compatibility, the game doesn’t get an FPS boost. One player shares their frustration on this topic too, adding that “I was about to say that Mafia 2 is the only game I’ll ever download from here. I’m not touching it if it’s 30 FPS. What a f***ing disappointment.” The only PS5 game in November’s lineup is Aliens Fireteam Elite, which includes the PS4 version too.

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The reception on the PS Plus subreddit continues to lambaste Mafia 2 and the other PS Plus Extra and Premium games players can download. Redditor ‘itis_what_itis’ comments that this is a “Very, very poor [roster]. 2 dead online games and an awful remaster. Brilliant. Worthless month.”

Others aren’t as harsh, though, as ‘Intelios’ argues the case for becoming a mafioso: “Mafia 2 is amazing highly recommend it is one of my personal favorites of all time! But still a little disappointed that it’s the ‘headline’ game, considering it released in 2010.”

Out of the Mafia trilogy, we think that the second entry is worth your time over Mafia 3. Characters like Vito Scaletta and Leo Galante enrich an already compelling story, which feels more focused than its successor. For 2010, the game was impressive on previous gen consoles, with a faithful depiction of the 1950s heyday of organized crime. If you’re a fan of one of the best TV series ever made, The Sopranos, then you’ll likely get a big kick out of it as it echos the flashback sequences in that show.

PlayStation Plus Monthly Games for November – Mafia II: Definitive Edition, Dragon Ball: The Breakers, Aliens Fireteam Elite
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Whether you’re playing Mafia 2 or checking out the other PS Plus games available, here is a list of all the new PS5 games you should be looking out for in the near future. Who knows, they might just be some of the best games you’ll ever play.