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It’s time the Destiny 2 Legacy Collection was free on PS5 and Xbox

With the Destiny 2 Legacy Collection free to claim on the Epic Games Store, it’s about time PS5 and Xbox players were able to dive in without a paywall.

Destiny 2 Legacy Collection free: Cayde-6 looking at the camera, with an Xbox logo in the background on the left, and a PlayStation logo on the right side.

Despite being free-to-play, Bungie’s Destiny 2 is an expensive game to get into. With four expansions to purchase, the Destiny 2 The Final Shape expansion on the horizon, a collection of smaller DLC packs, and a microtransaction store, it’s quite a hurdle for new players to overcome. While news of Epic Games giving away the Destiny 2 Legacy Collection for free is great for PC players, it leaves D2 PS5 and Xbox players in a difficult situation and fans are calling for change.

With The Final Shape release date on the way to conclude the so-called Light and Darkness saga, it’s about time the Destiny 2 Legacy Collection was free to all players on PS5 and Xbox as well. After all, it wasn’t too long ago that the community was in uproar over the Destiny 2 Starter Pack, with this free Legacy Collection pack revealing further cracks in the long-term future of one of the best FPS games on PS5 and Xbox.

The Epic Games Store is constantly treating PC players to free games and expansions, and the Destiny 2 Legacy Collection is headlining the latest batch. Though the free promotion is only short-lived, players who redeem the free pack will get to keep it forever, meaning you will have access to The Witch Queen, Beyond Light, and Shadowkeep expansions at no extra cost. In other words, it’s a steal!

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With expansions tied to your platform and this EGS promotion only available to PC players, this unfortunately means that PS5 and Xbox players are not able to take advantage of this deal. Even if you’re a cross-platform player, then you’ll have access to the Legacy Collection content on PC but not when you swap over to console. In other words, console players will have to fork out $59.99 or £49.99 to purchase the Destiny 2 Legacy Collection to catch up with the important expansions. After that, you will still need to purchase Destiny 2 Lightfall and the Season Pass to be ready for The Final Shape, a further $100 or £80 – a steep asking price for prospective players.

However, this Legacy Collection free promotion is reflective of wider issues with Destiny 2, particularly when it comes to the new player experience, and the community is once again demanding action from the developer. Players have been calling for old Destiny 2 expansions to be made free over the past few years, with new players having less and less to play in the free-to-play package. In fact, Reddit user ‘M3M30H’ expressed that “[they] can now play the real game”, having access to the expansion content thanks to the EGS promotion. Likewise, ‘killer6088’ pointed out that this is the “real starter pack”, giving new players what they need to catch up with the ongoing story, rather than a pack of weapons like the now-removed Destiny 2 Starter Pack bundle featured.

Destiny 2 Legacy Collection free: The player aiming down the sights on their weapon firing at enemy charging towards them.

With Bungie’s live-service shooter having struggled as of late, with Destiny 2 The Final Shape delayed amid layoffs at Bungie, the game desperately needs newcomers to join in – and has done so for several years now. As this Epic Games Store promotion shows, giving players access to nearly all the content they need to get up to speed with the current story and gameplay is a great way to tear down the paywalls preventing players from getting into the experience to begin with. After all, with the conclusion to the saga coming up, the heaps of content to playthrough is already a hurdle (albeit a fun one), so the added cost of each expansion sure adds up.

With the Legacy Collection being free to PC players on the Epic Games Store, the community is fervent in pushing for this pack to be added to the free-to-play experience so PS5 and Xbox players can catch up before The Final Shape without parting with a full wallet. Taking down the Witness won’t be an easy feat, so you’ll need the expansions to start hunting down all the best Destiny 2 weapons and putting together the best Destiny 2 Titan build, Destiny 2 Warlock build, and Destiny 2 Hunter build right away.