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You’re doing MW3 CODMAS wrong because of one simple reason

In the new MW3 CODMAS event, you need to take down foes with enemy guns, and some dastardly loadouts can make this harder than it needs to be on PS5 and Xbox.

MW3 CODMAS worst loadouts: A soldier wearing a reindeer mask and holding a weapon across their chest, while an assault rifle with a poo emoji sits on the right side of the image.

Typically, MW3 players like ourselves are always striving to build the perfect weapon loadout, from laser-accurate assault rifles to slick SMGs that tear up the competition at close range. There are a lot of options available to you if you’re willing to dig deep into the system. However, it’s times like the MW3 CODMAS event that humble you and make you realize not every PS5 and Xbox Call of Duty player is the same way – and that’s a good thing.

One of the MW3 CODMAS challenges sets you the ostensibly simple task of getting 40 kills with a weapon picked up from an enemy. If the enemy has one of the best MW3 loadouts, then giving them a taste of their own medicine is ever so satisfying, though not everyone keeps up with the MW3 meta. We’ve seen some true abominations in the MW3 CODMAS event so far, with even some of the best MW3 guns brought down a peg – though it’s not as bad as it might sound. In fact, you’re playing CODMAS wrong if you’re not leaning into the truly terrible combinations available to you.

While fumbling around for enemy weapons in the middle of a gunfight is awkward, to say the least, especially in hectic modes like the popular Shipmas 24/7 playlist, it’s the perfect opportunity to try out something new. It might be an LMG you’re yet to use, or perhaps even one of the MW3 Season 1 guns before you’ve unlocked them for yourself. However, it’s a gamble each and every time as to whether these loadouts will sink or swim. After all, they’re tweaked to suit another player’s approach.

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Running around festive Shipment, we’ve encountered some truly horrible weapon builds, though that’s what makes this challenge so fun. We’ve seen battle rifles decked out with high-magnification scopes, SMGs with the kick of a horse, and LMGs that are so clunky you’d think you’d somehow activated Fallout’s V.A.T.S feature and stopped time altogether. While we’d prefer to imagine these “cursed guns”, as one player described it, are built to tick off MW3 camo challenges, this isn’t usually the case in reality, with another player responding by saying they “don’t have time to experiment”, expressing they “just want to hop in” and have fun.

Unfortunately, you not only have to wield these abominations for yourself, but you also have to get a total of 40 kills with enemy weapons. While you might think this puts the brakes on the whole affair and dampens the festive spirit, trying out these absurd weapon loadouts has been remarkably fun, particularly for series veterans. So much so that many players want to turn up the heat by creating their own cursed combinations to torture other players in the name of the holiday season. After all, if you’re looking to complete the challenge for yourself, you’ll be dropping your own wacky weapon for another anyhow.

Now, what are the worst loadouts, you ask? Well, as ‘Odd_Cryptographer557’ notes, the MW2 M16 is particularly bad when paired with a high-magnification night vision scope, a reduced magazine, no stock, and a barrel that further reduces recoil control. Another option is the Sidewinder which is still yet to get a buff. Deck that bad boy out with a scope and several attachments to destroy its handling and you’re in for some fun at your enemies’ expense.

What better way to celebrate the holidays than playing one of the best FPS games and lumping your opponents with an atrocious loadout? So, give your enemy the gift of an unimaginable weapon build this MW3 CODMAS to return the favor. It’s also a great opportunity to level up some lesser-used weapons as you can enjoy the bounties of an MW3 Double XP Weekend to celebrate CODMAS on PS5 and Xbox alongside the inevitable new players this holiday season.