All 10 Lords of the Fallen classes

Find out what to expect from each of the Lords of the Fallen classes and why some of them are better suited for veterans over newcomers on PS5, Xbox, and PC.

Lords of the Fallen classes: A player can be seen

Classes are one of the most important parts when creating your character in any soulslike. Lords of the Fallen is no different and Hexworks have implemented a lot of variety and some new ideas into their system. But what do each of these Lords of the Fallen classes do and specialize in?

Below, you can find a full overview of them all, with how they synergize with other classes playing in Lords of the Fallen multiplayer. You will need to make the right choice if you want to take on some of the tougher Lords of the Fallen bosses once the Lords of the Fallen release date arrives.

Lords of the Fallen classes list

The Lords of the Fallen classes are:

  • Blackfeather Ranger
  • Condemned
  • Dark Crusader
  • Exiled Stalker
  • Hallowed Knight
  • Mournstead Infantry
  • Orian Preacher
  • Partisan
  • Pyric Cultist
  • Udirangr Warwolf

You can find a deeper dive into each of the classes in the game below from our time playing the game for our Lords of the Fallen gameplay preview and trailers and gameplay shown so far. Some of the specific items were also revealed by IGN ahead of the game’s release.

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Blackfeather Ranger

The first class in the game is the Blackfeather Ranger. Centered on range combat, this class can use multiple types of arrows to fire at enemies from a distance. However, it is stable able to manage up close (you just may need some support or a upgraded weapon).

The starting items of for the Blackfeather Ranger are: Axe, Bow, Oak Arrows, Poison Arrows, Light Shield, Medium Armor.


Condemned is the classic ‘hardcore’ class for Lords of the Fallen. Starting off with nothing, you will need to really level grind and find the best weapons in Lords of the Fallen to be able to survive past the early hours. As such, only those looking for the hardest challenge should choose the Condemned.

The Condemned starting items are: Broken Bucket Fist Weapon, Throwing Rocks, Light armor.

Dark Crusader

The Dark Crusader is an unlockable class in Lords of the Fallen. It is a strong melee-focused class able to use the heaviest and strongest of weapons. It is also able to withstand an onslaught of enemies, making it great for tanking damage.

The Dark Crusader’s starting items are: Crusader Greatsword, Crusader Heavy Armor, Rosary Catalyst.

If you buy the Deluxe Edition you can choose this class from the beginning of the game. But, if you haven’t grabbed this version of the game yet, you can find it below.

Lords of the Fallen classes: A class can be seen fighting Pieta

Exiled Stalker

The Exiled Stalker is an advanced class for those with a lot of experience with soulslikes. Requiring precision, mastery, and skill you will need to use your stealth and damage to sneak up on enemies and land critical blows.

The Exiled Stalker’s starting items are: Two Daggers, Medium Stalker Armor, Throwing Daggers, Poison salts.

Hallowed Knight

Focusing on health, endurance, and survivability, the Hallowed Knight is one of the easiest classes to pick up and play. It is a jack of all trades, able to use grenades and tools, maintain a defense, and also deal solid damage.

The Hallowed Knight starting items are: Short Sword, Knight Shield, Heavy Armor, Grenades, Healing-over-time consumable.

Mournstead Infantry

The Mournstead Infantry is a melee-focused class, with a lot of range and defense to help support them when up close. Initially, it has relatively low damage but it can scale with Strength, high defense, and improved weapons as you upgrade and improve.

The starting items for the Mournstead Infantry are: Spear, Light Shield, Heavy Armor, Throwing Javelins, Healing-over-time consumable.

Orian Preacher

Religion permeates all aspects of Lords of the Fallen and the Orian Preacher is a evangelist of the Orian church. Meant for experienced players, this class delivers weighty, impactful hits, breaking the will of enemies and using spells to heal and buff themselves.

The starting items for the Orian Preacher are: Hammer, Light Shield, Radiant Catalyst, Healing Radiance Spell, Light Armor, Small Manastone consumable.

Lords of the Fallen classes: A class can be seen casting a spell


The Mournstead Knight champion, the Partisan is able to wield a variety of weapons from a flail to a crossbow, carrying a shield on their back too. They are able to buff stamina with Unripe Berries and are therefore meant to press the attack relentlessly, with great defense too.

The starting items for the Partisan are: Flail, Knight Shield, Crossbow, Heavy Armor, Unripe Berries.

Pyric Cultist

An advanced class and a fervent worshipper of Adyr, the Pyric Cultist is focused on spells, magic, and mana. They have a high amount of damage with the game’s three types of magic and can use spells more often than other classes. However, the focus on magic means it isn’t the easiest class to use for newcomers to soulslikes or the game.

The starting items for the Pyric Cultist are: Cultist Staff Polearm, Rhogar Catalyst, Infernal Orb Spell, Medium Armor, Small Manastone consumable.

Udirangr Warwolf

The Udirangr Warwolf is an offensive class focused on dealing high amounts of damage and using tools to destroy enemies. As a brute, you won’t have much in the way of defenses so all-out attack is the way to go.

The starting items for the Udirangr Warwolf are: Long Sword, Throwing Axes, Medium Armor, Fire Salts.

With an idea of how Lords of the Fallen classes work and which one you should choose, why not take a look at even more about the game? This includes the Lords of the Fallen character creation and how the two worlds work. We have an overview of how Lords of the Fallen Umbral and Lords of the Fallen’s Axiom lands are unique.