All Lords of the Fallen bosses so far

Get a good look at the Lords of the Fallen 2023 bosses you’re confirmed to face as you explore the lands of Axiom and Umbral on PS5, PS4, Xbox, and PC.

Lords of the Fallen Bosses: Harrower Dervla of the Dark Crusaders can be seen

The Lords of the Fallen bosses are one of the most vital aspects of the upcoming Soulslike. Like any game within the genre, many tough foes inhabit the treacherous lands known as Axiom. However, we’re here to help you combat them by offering advice on their strengths and weaknesses, as well as offering details on where to find them, as some bosses can prove to be elusive at times.

In Lords of the Fallen, players across Axiom and Umbral on PS5, Xbox, and PC get to explore a world set 1,000 years after the events of the first game. As such, ahead of the Lords of the Fallen release date, it’s a good idea to learn as much as you can. Much has changed, and perhaps the most important one is Umbral, the land of the dead, a place that you can visit alongside the land of the living. However, the tricky combat, RPG mechanics, and 30 difficult boss fights will be the highlight of the experience

Lords of the Fallen bosses list

The Lords of the Fallen bosses so far are:

  • Holy Black Otto
  • The Lightreaper
  • Pieta
  • Sourged Sister Delyth
  • Master of Hounds
  • The Congregated Flesh
  • Tancred and Reinhold
  • Harrower Dervla of the Dark Crusaders
  • Aydr, The Demon God

While there are many more bosses for us to see, a few have popped up since the game’s initial announcement, and we know enough about them to offer some advice on what to expect when the time comes to face them. These also come from our time playing the game for our Lords of the Fallen gameplay preview in London.

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Holy Black Otto

Most games of a challenging nature feature a tutorial boss or, at the very least, an introductory early game boss. For Lords of the Fallen, it’s Holy Black Otto and, unsurprisingly, it’s a pretty easy fight. However, as with numerous Soulslike bosses, this is a two phase battle, in which the second half sees you face off against another foe.

Lords of the Fallen Bosses: The Lightreaper can be seen

The Lightreaper

The Lightreaper serves as the second introductory boss, taking over from Otto when he falls in battle. This enormous beast is Lords of the Fallen’s version of Genichiro from Sekiro. Essentially, you’re meant to die to this boss. Sure, you can beat it, though it’s near-on impossible, and the end result is the same for the sake of the story.

Lords of the Fallen Bosses: Pieta can be seen


Pieta comes with a spoiler warning, so you might want to give this a skip for now. This boss favors slow and heavily telegraphed attacks and white, that sounds like something you can take advantage of. She uses a lot of AOEs, can spawn clones of herself, and has a tendency to fly about, which makes it hard to hit her. You are rewarded for your efforts, however, for (spoiler warning), for Pieta becomes an NPC in the Lords of the Fallen hub.

Scourged Sister Delyth

Okay, this boss is absolute hell. We’re not going to sugarcoat it, a mixture of fast attacks telegraphed in a slow manner throw a real spanner in the works as you can never be sure if the attack she’s doing is, in fact, a slow assault or if she’s gearing up for a quick attack, meaning it’s hard to perfect dodges in this fight. However, while she’s a menace with her ball and chain, there are pillars scattered throughout the arena that you can use to block her blood tornadoes.

Master of Hounds (mini-boss)

Luckily for all of you, after the absolute hell of a fight you have with Sourged Sister Delyth, you get to come across Master of Hounds, a mini-boss that’s so easy you’ll feel your confidence in your abilities soar. As for what you can expect from her boss fight, you need to knock the armor off the dogs and avoid her regular arrows and the impending explosion when she detonates them all with a fire arrow. Luckily, you do have some leeway, as you can withstand hits from a few arrows.

Lords of the Fallen Bosses: The Congregated Flesh can be seen


The Congregated Flesh

This fight requires you to not only fight the boss but the camera, too, as it tends to get stuck, likely thanks to the small arena. The size of the arena makes the wide-sweeping attacks a real nuisance. Furthermore, you have to contend with his poison buff, though you can remove this from The Congregated Flesh if you head into Umbral and destroy a parasite. However, its removal is short-lived, as the buff returns after 30 seconds.

As a huge being, it moves relatively slowly, so dodging its attacks isn’t too much of an issue when the camera isn’t fighting against you. It’s slow and telegraphed attacks that leave it open to counter-strikes.

Tancred and Reinhold

This fight begins with you facing a tall and fearsome warrior that likes to use magic and his shield to create some powerful AOE attacks. However, attacks with the shield are heavily telegraphed, and a role through the attack allows you to avoid the AOE damage. Come the second phase of the fight, the warrior’s brother takes over his body, resulting in a monster that has four legs, aggressive attacks, and a speed that’s sure to keep you on your toes.

Lords of the Fallen Bosses: Dervla can be seen

Harrower Dervla of the Dark Crusaders

Harrower Dervla looks to be a combination of Artorias from Dark Souls and Melania from Elden Ring. Long ago, she traveled to the deepest depths of the world to fight rising undead, but she discovered something so horrific she chose to stay. As such, she’s a boss that you must face on your travels, and she’s one that clearly possesses great speed and agility, posing a threat to those that aren’t light on their feet. As far as difficulty goes, Dervla looks to be one of the tougher bosses on offer.

Adyr, The Demon God

While not much is known about Adyr, this is likely to be the last compulsory boss that you encounter in Lords of the Fallen due to the story of the game revolving around you stopping Adyr’s uprising.


Who is the hardest Lords of the Fallen boss?

Out of the bosses we know about so far, it’s clear that Scourged Sister Delyth is a serious contender for the hardest boss in Lords of the Fallen from what we played. She uses a mix of slow and fast attacks to keep you guessing and has some punishing AOE abilities that can deal a lot of damage. Granted, there are still many bosses to discover in the full game, but her unpredictable nature makes her quite a fearsome foe.

Lords of the Fallen Bosses: Two players can be seen fighting a boss

That concludes what we know about the revealed Lords of the Fallen bosses. Should they prove to be more of a challenge than you’re prepared for, you might want to dive into the realms of Lords of the Fallen multiplayer co-op and check out some of the other best RPG games out there to play if you are looking for something less challenging.