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Lords of the Fallen multiplayer co-op explained, how to invite friends

Discover everything you need to know about how Lords of the Fallen’s multiplayer co-op works on PS5, Xbox, and PC, and how you can play with friends.

Lords of the Fallen Multiplayer: A character can be seen with a boss behind them

Be it for boss fights or general exploration, you need to know how the Lords of the Fallen multiplayer system works if you want to experience the game with a friend. In this guide, we dive into the Lords of the Fallen co-op features in the game and what you can do with other players. We also touch on how the co-op mechanic works overall and if the game has matchmaking and PvP.

As any Soulslike veteran likely knows, boss fights are the perfect time to call for some help if you’re getting slammed on repeat, potentially saving you and your best PS5 controller or best Xbox controller from unbridled gamer rage. Well, you’re in the right place to learn more about what to expect if you want to play with your friends in Lords of the Fallen, including how they can join your game and vice-versa. The information below comes from our Lords of the Fallen review playthrough where we determined whether or not it is one of the best co-op games of 2023.

Lords of the Fallen multiplayer explained

In Lords of the Fallen multiplayer co-op, you can team up with one other player to either explore the world and see what it has to offer, fight enemies in a bid to level up and upgrade your attributes, or tackle the Lords of the Fallen bosses. You can play almost the entire game in multiplayer co-op.

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When you enter multiplayer mode, the game deploys a set of balance tweaks to ensure you and your buddy can’t simply nuke your way through the game, as they might have already got their hands on the best Lords of the Fallen weapons.

First of all, your levels are roughly synchronized, so forget about shredding everything in your sight if you’re joining someone who is massively underleveled compared to yourself. Additionally, while the host retains their two lives, the person joining will only have one – this won’t come as a surprise to those that have played some of the best Soulslikes games in the past. However, one great feature that we wish FromSoft would add to its games, and is present here in LotF, is a revive system.

In Lords of the Fallen, if your buddy dies they can be revived infinitely, restoring their healing items in the process. This is a major quality-of-life boon over the likes of Elden Ring, which sends your homie home as soon as they bite the dust, requiring you to resummon them repeatedly with each failed boss attempt.

Nevertheless, you can’t recruit a higher level friend or random player to beat the game for you based on their gear. Instead, you’ll still need skill to come out on top. This is a Soulslike after all, did you think there would be shortcuts?

How to invite friends in Lords of the Fallen multiplayer

To invite friends to Lords of the Fallen multiplayer co-op, head to a Vestige or planted Vestige Seed and select the ‘multiplayer’ option. You’ll be presented with three methods for hopping into co-op: ‘Beckon lampbearer’, ‘Beckon Friend’, and ‘Accompany lampbearer’. Each option has a different function, outlined below:

  • Beckon lampbearer – Sends a request for another player to join.
  • Beckon Friend – Instantly invite someone from your friends list.
  • Accompany lampbearer – Accept a request to join another player.

Lords of the Fallen Multiplayer: co-op options

You can also create a private co-op multiplayer session by setting a session password in ‘Settings’ > ‘Multiplayer’. This cross-platform feature will allow you to ensure only a select group of players can heed your call for aid.

While you won’t be able to gain standard PvP rewards in a private session, it does prevent invasions for “a few minutes”. If you’re trying to get a buddy in to quickly cleave through a boss, this may be the safer option than beckoning a friend.

Lords of the Fallen Pilfered Coins

Should you and your ally prove victorious in a co-op boss fight, then you’ll gain a random number of Pilfered Coins that can either be spent at or donated to the Shrine of Orius in Skyrest. While donating coins to increase the tier progress bar seems like a massive slog at first glance, it should be noted that this factors in tithes from the entire community.

When you tier up, you unlock extra goodies in the shop, though it will take several months for the progress goal to be met at the current pace. As such, we’d recommend prioritizing grabbing what you need from the Shrine for now and donating a percentage of your leftovers. It’s a marathon, not a sprint.

Here are the currently unlocked items you can spend Pilfered Coins on:

Item Pilfered Coins Item Tier
Castigated Tinct 100 1
Familiar Tinct 100 1
Paragon Tinct 100 1
Venator Tinct 100 1
Mirror of Protection 25 1

Lords of the Fallen multiplayer: Two characters standing with their weapons in the hands, set against a blurred background of gameplay.

How to avenge a fallen lampbearer in Lords of the Fallen

To avenge a fallen lampbearer in Lords of the Fallen co-op you must first soulflay a red lantern using your Umbral Lamp, spawning the soul of a dead player. Follow the red moths that appear to an empowered version of the player’s killer, and defeat it to earn the ‘Vengeance for the Fallen’ Trophy or Achievement.

Lords of the Fallen Plucked Eyeballs

Upon avenging a fallen lampbearer you’ll earn yourself a handful of Plucked Eyeballs. These can be spent at, or donated to the Shrine of the Putrid Mother in Skyrest. Once the community donates enough eyeballs to the shrine, the next tier of purchasable goodies will become available.

Here are the currently unlocked items you can spend Plucked Eyeballs on:

Item Plucked Eyeballs Item Tier
Ashen Tinct 100 1
Bonelord Tinct 100 1
Contempt Tinct 100 1
Starved Tinct 100 1
Eye of Vengeance 15 1
Umbral Scouring N/A 1

Lords of the Fallen Multiplayer: Two players can be seen fighting an enemy

How to play PvP in Lords of the Fallen

To access Lords of the Fallen PvP, head to a Vestige or planted Vestige Seed and select the ‘multiplayer’ option. From there, select the ‘Slaughter lampbearer’ option, placing you either in a 1v1 or 2v1 situation depending on if the invaded has a friend with them. Killing them will net you some Severed Hands.

Lords of the Fallen Severed Hands

Severed Hands are a PvP reward for killing players in Lords of the Fallen. They can either be spent at, or donated to the Shrine of Adyr in Fitzroy’s Gorge. Reaching the community-wide donation goal will unlock a new tier of purchasable goods from the shrine’s shop.

Here are the currently unlocked items you can spend Severed Hands on:

Item Plucked Eyeballs Item Tier
Blood Duke Tinct 50 1
Butcher Tinct 25 1
Charred Tinct 10 1
Commander Tinct 50 1
Warlord Tinct 25 1
Knight of Adyr Gauntlets 250 1
Knight of Adyr Trousers 200 1

Lords of the Fallen multiplayer: A player being picked up by an enemy, about to be hit in the face.

Should you play Lords of the Fallen in co-op?

You should definitely play Lords of the Fallen multiplayer co-op as it offers a seamless experience without the need for in-game items like Elden Ring. It’s convenient to play in co-op, particularly if you want to explore the land with a friend or if you face a particularly difficult boss fight. Plus, there’s no need to farm for items to team up with another player, making it a much more convenient system to use than other Soulslikes.

However, it’s not necessary. Everything in LotF is balanced around both single-player and multiplayer (depending on which mode you’re currently in), so you it’s not a requirement. Plus, sometimes the challenge and isolation inherent in playing solo adds to the overall atmosphere. Friends don’t always have the same level of immersion, after all.

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