Lords of the Fallen multiplayer co-op explained, how to invite friends

Discover everything you need to know about how Lords of the Fallen’s multiplayer co-op works on PS5, Xbox, and PC and how you can play with friends.

Lords of the Fallen Multiplayer: A character can be seen with a boss behind them

Be it for boss fights or general exploration, you need to know how the Lords of the Fallen multiplayer system works if you want to experience the game with a friend. In this guide, we dive into the Lords of the Fallen co-op features in the game and what you can do with other players. We also touch on how the co-op mechanic works overall and if the game has matchmaking and PvP.

As any Soulslike veteran likely knows, boss fights are the perfect time to call for some help. In this guide, you can learn more about what to expect if you want to play with your friends in Lords of the Fallen, including how they can join your game and vice-versa. Lining up to be one of the best co-op games in 2023, it’s a good idea to get ahead of the game before the Lords of the Fallen release date.

Lords of the Fallen multiplayer

Through Lords of the Fallen co-op multiplayer you can team up with one other player. Through this, you can either explore the world and see what it has to offer, fight enemies in a bid to level up and upgrade your attributes, or tackle the Lords of the Fallen bosses throughout the entire game.

In a move that differentiates the game from Elden Ring, Lords of the Fallen doesn’t rely on in-game items for its co-op multiplayer gameplay. Instead, Lords of the Fallen features a seamless system in which you can jump into one another’s game at any point. So, if you happen to be in Umbral, that’s where your friend shall join you.

Perhaps one of the most intuitive aspects of Lords of the Fallen’s co-op feature is that you can revive your friend, a sought-after mechanic. In games such as Elden Ring, when your co-op partner dies, that’s it, they return to their own world, and for them to rejoin you, you have to summon them all over again through the use of an in-game item. That isn’t the case here though

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Through the two-life mechanic, if the host of the game revives in Umbral and they’re able to return to the living world and retain their progress, then you the other player will be transported as they dictate the world state. For players that struggle with this genre, the mechanic makes the game more accessible, providing you and your friend with a second chance rather than allowing your progress to be for nothing.

How to invite friends in Lords of the Fallen multiplayer

To invite friends in Lords of the Fallen co-op, you need to use the pause menu and navigate to the social section. Essentially, it’s a drop-in and out system in which the host can dictate the state of the world and choose whether or not you both journey into Umbral.

Lords of the Fallen Multiplayer: Umbral can be seen

Does Lords of the Fallen have matchmaking?

We don’t know if Lords of the Fallen features matchmaking. It’s entirely possible that you can only select who you explore Axiom and Umbral with. However, given the game features PvP, we imagine that matchmaking must play a part in the game to some degree.

Should you play Lords of the Fallen in co-op?

Yes, as it offers a seamless experience without the need for in-game items like Elden Ring, it’s convenient to play Lords of the Fallen in co-op, particularly if you want to explore the land with a friend or if you face a particularly difficult boss fight. Plus, there’s no need to farm for items to team up with another player, making it a much more convenient system to use than other soulslikes.

Lords of the Fallen Multiplayer: Two players can be seen fighting an enemy

Does Lords of the Fallen have PvP?

Yes, Lords of the Fallen has a dedicated PvP mode for those who want to test their might against other players instead of assisting them. We don’t know much about it yet though.

With the knowledge of how Lords of the Fallen multiplayer works, why not take a look at what we thought of the game in our gameplay preview and how innovative the worlds of Axiom and Umbral are? You can also find out more about some of the other best RPG games available on consoles and PC right now. Lords of the Fallen could very well join them.