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The Finals “biggest priority” is improving PS5 and Xbox anti-cheat

The Finals is still young for PS5 and Xbox owners, and as the FPS find its feet, Embark Studios is aiming to keep cheaters on the sidelines.

the finals anti-cheat ps5 xbox

Like many premium FPS experiences on PS5 and Xbox, you’ll eventually run into pesky cheaters. The Finals is unfortunately no different, as some players scramble to exploit the very fabric of the Embark Studios shooter. As the game approaches the new year, Embark Studios is focusing its efforts on pushing cheaters out of the arena, amid calls for other tweaks to matchmaking.

The Finals is quickly emerging as one of the best FPS games on PS5 and Xbox, and with such immense popularity out of the gate, Embark Studios has a tall task ahead of them to keep it fresh. Over on the game’s Discord sever, Embark Studios relays that “over the past few days, we’ve had a technical issue that prevented us from banning cheaters efficiently.” Despite initial issues to minimize this obstacle, the studio confirms that “we’re now nearing a solution to this bug, and we’re already begun re-upping our anti-cheat measures again.”

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Cheating in the game has been a consistent sore point for players hopping into one of the best multiplayer games around, with this issue stemming from the game’s beta access period. Exploits pertaining to unfair kills through aim-bots persist as the main culprit, but hopefully with these improvements from the studio, it will at least be reduced to a significant extent. However, other players have called for other measures to be implemented, in a bid to reduce the chances of matchmaking serving up these irritating players.

Some players within the game’s Discord server believe that using region locking would be an efficient way to deal with cheater, but Embark Studios isn’t going to be pivoting to this strategy anytime soon. Responding to comments within the server, an Embark Studios community manager explains that “we don’t want to region lock. [It] isn’t a personal opinion, it’s a company decision.” Furthermore, they add that “cheaters are in all regions, and we see a good chunk of them using Chinese names as a method to be [found] harder to be reported.”

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As cheaters are prominently found on the PC side of The Finals player base, disabling crossplay is a viable solution if this issue is hitting you particularly hard. Though, we another major patch likely to hit the game in the coming weeks, you needn’t worry too much. Until then, make sure you’re equipping the best The Finals weapons, as you’ll need every advantage to secure a Cash Out, no matter which of The Finals classes you are using.

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