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Respawn still has “no plans” to move Apex Legends to a new game engine

During a recent Reddit AMA, Respawn Entertainment reiterated once again that Apex Legends is not moving to a new engine despite its issues.

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Despite continued complaints from players regarding the inconsistent audio quality in Apex Legends, developer Respawn Entertainment is reiterating its position that it does not plan to transfer the battle royale onto an improved game engine anytime soon. This is frustrating news for quite a few fans, but Respawn Entertainment’s response suggests that the developer just doesn’t have the resources available for such a huge endeavor.

Apex Legends is easily one of the best battle royale games of all time, but it’s also one of the best FPS games more generally speaking beyond that. Respawn Entertainment’s work to deliver a fluid and fun first-person shooter with a consistently engaging narrative and a continually improving competitive experience is a testament to the talents of the developers working on it. However, as sad as it is to admit it, Apex Legends isn’t perfect; inconsistent audio is one major issue that has been plaguing players for quite some time now and it might be something you have to deal with for the foreseeable, too.

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During a recent Reddit AMA on Apex Legends’ ranks and the competitive scene as a whole, Respawn Entertainment responded to a question about moving Apex Legends onto a new game engine to combat the audio issues and rather bluntly reiterated that it has “no plans to move to a new engine at this time”. While this isn’t to say that the current engine won’t see some improvements in the coming months, and the audio issue itself could very-well be solved more permanently in coming updates, it does mean that any major issues like that might be around for a little while longer.

In defense of this, Respawn Entertainment (interestingly responding to the question from an official account rather than through a specific developer) explains that “changing to a new engine is a massive undertaking that would ultimately pull critical resources from supporting the live game”.

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When you look at the dire state of the Apex Legends Uprising event rewards, perhaps hitting pause on Collection Events to allow these persistent issues to be solved wouldn’t be such a bad idea. Although, with the ever-present need to make money and a Collection Event a surefire way of doing just that, we don’t think anything like that will happen anytime soon.

Elsewhere in the AMA, however, Apex Legends’ lead game designer Devan McGuire expressed his surprise that Ash isn’t more popular in the competitive scene despite concerns early on that her ultra-aggressive kit would make her a capable killer in high-tension situations. She’s not one of the best Apex Legends characters out there right now, but she’s certainly one we wouldn’t be opposed to seeing get a refresher in a future update.

On top of that, game designer John Larson expresses Respawn Entertainment’s dedication to keeping the competitive experience as close to the unranked battle royale as possible and his personal opinion that SMGs are “still a little strong overall”. So, if you’re trying to decide between an R-99 and Eva-8 Auto on the fly, you should definitely pick up the former.

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Respawn Entertainment recently wrapped up Apex Legends’ Kill Code cinematic series with a thrilling conclusion that’s bad news for pretty much everyone except Revenant. Following on from that, players hoping to jump into the battle royale over the holidays will find a new limited-time mode available to enjoy; this being a mode that pits 30 players against a team of 30 players playing as Revenant. It sounds as chaotic as it does amusing. If you want to prepare for this and you’re not a Revenant main, you can find out more about Apex Legends’ classes right here and read up on what bonuses he has access to.

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