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Rocket Racing revamps Rocket League formula on PS5 and Xbox

Fortnite Rocket Racing is live now in the Epic Games battle royale on PS5 and Xbox, taking what you know about Rocket League to a new level.

fortnite rocket racing ps5 xbox

In another series of massive Ws for Fortnite players, Epic Games is delivering another entirely new experience inside the popular battle royale. But you won’t be picking up your Chug Jugs or Nemesis ARs, instead you’ll be getting behind the wheel in Rocket Racing.  A spin-off of the Psyonix vehicular soccer game Rocket League, this fresh mode overhauls everything you’ve come to know about Rocket League’s gameplay.

We love Rocket League for providing an alternative to games like FC 24, with its fiery boosted thrills still proving to offer up one of the best sports games around. Now, Fortnite Rocket Racing takes those same injections of speed and movement, and applies to it an arcade-style racer. It certainly has splashes of Mario Kart in there, but we think Rocket Racing has got some Ridge Racer vibes, given how chaotic it can be. Epic Games says that “rocket-powered cars don’t exactly play by the rules—they fly, they flip, and they can drive on walls.”

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If you’re a natural at this already in Rocket League, this probably sounds like a piece of cake to you. But don’t be fooled, Rocket Racing handle a little bit differently. We’ve already had a few races, and let us tell you, things can definitely get heated. Aside from getting torn up, smashed into, and overtaken, there is loads of fun to be had right off the bat. Now, we know what you’re thinking: What about my Rocket League cars on PS5 and Xbox?

It is a complicated situation right now, as not every car you own is available to use in Rocket Racing. “With cross-game ownership, you own certain Car Bodies, Decals, and Wheels in Fortnite if you already own them in Rocket League, and vice versa,” Epic Games says of the initial process. Of course, you’ll need to make sure your Fortnite and Rocket League progress is linked to one Epic Games account to ensure this happens.

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More vehicles are set to arrive, but for now, Epic Games confirms that the Octane, Cyclone, Jäger 619, or Lamborghini Huracán STO are ready and waiting for you if you already have them in Rocket League. If not, you can currently purchase the Cyclone and Jäger 619 Bundles in the Item Shop. Aside from Rocket Racing, you can also tap into your musical talents, as the Fortnite Festival song list is already available before The Weeknd takes to the stage.