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New Honkai Star Rail codes drop as Silver Wolf finally arrives on PS5

If you want more free Stellar Jade, HoYoverse's new Honkai Star Rail codes have you covered with both Silver Wolf and Argenti now available.

Honkai Star Rail codes free Stellar Jade: an image of Silver Wolf blowing a bubblegum bubble

The ever-excellent five-star Silver Wolf is finally available in Honkai Star Rail again, and available for the first time in HSR on PS5, through the Contract Zero banner. To celebrate this, and the arrival of Argenti (another five-star unit well worth trying to add to your team), HoYoverse is releasing more Honkai Star Rail codes for you to claim. With a huge bundle of Stellar Jade just arriving in addition to this, now really is the perfect time to try your luck on one of the current banners and expand your available roster.

Despite all the fantastic new PS5 games out there waiting to be played, it’s hard to pull away from HoYoverse’s Honkai Star Rail and actually give them the time of day. This game really is as addictive as they come and chasing the best Honkai Star Rail characters while trying to put together the best Honkai Star Rail team comp is a huge reason why. And, of course, getting your hands on as much Stellar Jade as possible – be that through Honkai Star Rail codes or purchasing Oneric Shards – is ultimately the best way of doing that.

So, the fact that HoYoverse is dropping yet-another code with even more free Stellar Jade for you to claim – just after this huge gift of free Honkai Star Rail Stellar Jade for everyone – is very far from a bad thing.

This new code is as follows (9TRB7C2LDQBP) and you can head here to redeem this Honkai Star Rail code for yourself. All you need to do is make sure you’re signed in with the HoYoverse account linked to the Honkai Star Rail account you want your rewards to be available on.

From this code, you’ll get a total of 50 Stellar Jade and 10,000 Credits to spend; while this isn’t explicitly enough for one Star Rail Special Pass and a chance at Silver Wolf or Argenti on its own, it should put you well on your way to your next pull – or be enough added to your existing amount of Stellar Jade to purchase a Star Rail Special Pass, of course. Either way, it’s not something you should pass up.

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From now until December 27 and the launch of version 1.6, you can take advantage of the current Honkai Star Rail banner schedule and use any Star Rail Special Passes you have on either the Thorns of Scented Crown banner or the Contract Zero banner. The former will give you a chance of getting the following units:

  • Argenti – five-star, Erudition (Physical)
  • Hanya – four-star, Harmony (Physical)
  • Lynx – four-star, Abundance (Quantum)
  • Asta – four-star, Harmony (Fire)

Meanwhile, the latter will see the following available:

  • Silver Wolf – five-star, Nihility (Quantum)
  • Hanya – four-star, Harmony (Physical)
  • Lynx – four-star, Abundance (Quantum)
  • Asta – four-star, Harmony (Fire)

While the same four-star characters are available in both banners, there’s also a case to be made when it comes to chasing both Argenti and Silver Wolf. Argenti is the first Physical Erudition character in Honkai Star Rail and an excellent addition to your team if you struggle dealing AoE damage to larger groups of enemies. However, Silver Wolf can inflict elemental weaknesses and bolstering mono-element teams without a support role unit.

If you’re happy with your team right now and you’re looking forward to the next major update, you can find out more about all the new Honkai Star Rail 1.6 Curios here and how the Honkai Star Rail 1.6 update plans to reinvigorate the current battle pass experience for PS5 players. Oh, and the Honkai Star Rail Gift of Odyssey bonus is back in the next update, so there’s even more to look forward to.