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Honkai Star Rail Gift of Odyssey is back for HSR 1.6, leaker claims

We love getting Star Rail Special Passes in Honkai Star Rail, and the best time do so might be in the HSR 1.6 update, according to the latest leaks.

Honkai Star Rail 1.6 update gift of odyssey

Before the next major Honkai Star Rail update graces players, a series of Honkai Star Rail leaks are making the rounds. However, this one in particular is important, especially if you miss utilizing Gift of Odyssey. Yes, the easy, breezy reoccurring login event is purportedly poised to return for the forthcoming Star Rail 1.6 update. So, if you want to some free Star Rail Special Passes, this is the place to be.

That’s according to Honkai Star Rail leaker ‘MadCroiX’, who continues to share what is in store for the 1.6 update. Over on the game’s subreddit, a leaked preview of the login event can be glimpsed, depicting the chance to claim Star Rail Special Passes over the course of 7 days. At present, Gift of Odyssey is absent from the game, and has been since October. In fact, the Gift of Odyssey has only persisted in the game over four total instances, beginning back in June this year.

An exact date as to when Gift of Odyssey will be present again is unknown, but is it likely it will drop shortly after the 1.6 update, which is rumored for a December 2023 release date. That leaves you plenty of time until then to learn about the free Honkai Star Rail healer that is supposedly also coming in the same update. The Honkai Star Rail characters roster is already stacked, but things can get challenging out there, so any additional help is always a plus.

If you’re new to the game’s ecosystem, which houses things like the Honkai Star Banner schedule, then you might be wondering why claiming upwards of ten Star Rail Special Passes at a time is important. That’s because you can put them to use through Warps. While standard Star Rail Pass are used on the basic Warp banner, Special Passes are much more precious, being reserved for limited-time event Warps. While you can acquire them by using Stellar Jade, an in-game currency, this can become costly. And after all, everyone loves free stuff.

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Arguably the most important item in the game, you’ll be using them often to pull for new characters or Light Cones. Alternatively, if you are wishing to get more Star Rail Special Passes, you can part ways actual money by converting Oneiric Shards into Stellar Jade. Or if you’re feeling really savvy, you can look into using Undying Starlight and Undying Embers to buy Star Rail Special Passes, too.

So, until Honkai Star Rail update 1.6 drops, check out all the currently active Honkai Star Rail codes, allowing you to stock up on Stellar Jade with ease.