Honkai Star Rail 1.6 adds 16 new Curios according to leaks

HSR players could be treated to new Curios additions in Simulated Universe in the Honkai Star Rail 1.6 update, according to new leaks.

Honkai Star Rail 1.6 update Curious simulated reality leaks

There is plenty to do in Honkai Star Rail, but we think that the game’s Simulated Universe mode is undoubtedly one of its stronger aspects. The exciting roguelite mode continues to thrill new and returning HSR players, and if you’ve been looking for HoyoVerse to implement fresh content for it, you could be in luck. As we approach the Honkai Star Rail 1.6 update, new leaks claim that the Genshin Impact studio is looking to add new Curios items.

Prolific Honkai Star Rail leaker ‘MadCroiX’ continues to shed light on potential HSR 1.6 update details, and this time the leaker alleges that up to 16 new Curios items will be added to the Simulated Universe mode. If you’ve dove into one of the best games in the HoyoVerse library before, you’ll know that Curios can grant players excellent buffs with Simulated Universe. They can often range from upgraded Blessings to have a better chance of winning battles to inflicting certain status effects on enemies.

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MadCroiX details each new Curios reportedly coming the 1.6 update, and it appears that Simulated Universe could be altering its current mechanics, or adding new ones, as one Curios makes mention of a “golden Dice Face.” However, the purpose of this in the context of the Simulated Universe is yet to be determined. Here are all the Curios items that MadCroiX claims will arrive:

  • Wish Upon a Star: Increases the time limit for Adventure Domains by 50%, also grants an additional chest upon entering Adventure Domains
  • Price of Peace: Receives 150 Cosmic Fragments when entering a Transaction Domain
  • ‘Jellyfish on the Staircase’: Loses all Dice Reroll chances. Making a Reroll will no longer consume a Reroll chance
  • Rationality’s Fall: Acts as one additional Blessing of each Path
  • Indecipherable Box: After resetting Blessings, at least 1 Blessing from the current Path will appear
  • Rotted Fruit of the Alien Tree: Characters resist all Crowd Control effects, consuming 20% of their Max HP
  • King of Sponges: All allies lose 80% of their current HP when entering a domain and gain 10% Max HP
  • Mysterious Magnetism: After entering a Combat Domain, its content will be replaced with that of an Elite Domain
  • ‘Organic Heart’: The golden Dice Face will not appear, granting 2 cheat counts after rolling the die 4 times
  • A-Ruan Pouch: Immediately obtain 3 random Blessings and limit selectable Blessings after winning battles to 1
  • Sealing Wax of Erudition: Randomly gains 1 Blessing of Erudition and increases chances for Blessings of Erudition to appear
  • ‘Cognito Invalidater’ Codebuilder: When entering battle, characters lose Energy equal to their Max Energy
  • ‘Cognito Averagifier’ Communal Nexus: Increase the prices in Transaction Domains by 25%
  • ‘Ashheart’ Ciphertech: Acts as one less Blessing of each Path
  • ‘Revelrous’ Rainbowmaker: Decreases the time limit for Adventure Domains by 30%
  • ‘Wildminder’ Machine Call: Additionally consumes 1 Technique Point when using Ultimates

Presently, there is a total of 45 Curios in Honkai Star Rail, so it’ll be great to see some fresh additions throughout Simulated Universe mode. Not only will it prove to be fruitful in giving the game mode an extended life span, but the 1.6 update is possibly bringing back some popular fan-favorite features for earning rewards too. Specifically, MadCroiX also claims that Gift of Odyssey will be back again, following its absence from the game since October.

You can still make the most of the current 1.5 update for HSR, though. We’ve put together a handy list of all the active Honkai Star Rail codes, as well as everything you need to know about the Honkai Star Rail banner schedule.