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Honkai Star Rail 1.6 update allegedly changes battle pass in a big way

Prepare for some rumored tweaks to the Honkai Star Rail battle pass in the fortcoming HSR 1.6 update, as new leaks detail these changes.

Honkai Star Rail battle pass 1.6

The clock is ticking down until Honkai Star Rail 1.6 arrives, but until the latest HSR update is implemented, you need to know about some rumored tweaks. Specifically, if you’re a fan of completely battle passes and earning all manner of rewards like Stellar Jade, then prominent Honkai Star Rail leaker ‘MadCroiX’ claims that HoyoVerse is getting ready to alter future versions of the Honkai Star Rail battle pass in a major way.

Presently, Honkai Star Rail players are grinding their way through the Nameless Honor battle pass, which began on November 15, 2023. There is still some time to tune into one of the best games in the HoyoVerse library, as this battle pass concludes on December 25, 2023. Now that’s a Christmas treat to look forward to. However, you’ll know that HoyoVerse will release the Honkai Star Rail 1.6 update around this time too, and according to MadCroiX, daily missions will be removed going forward.

Not only will this drastic change be part of the forthcoming battle pass, but players can also allegedly expect to see ‘Consume 1000 Trailblazer Power’ weekly challenge removed from the game too. However, it isn’t all bad if you were a fan of this particular challenge. To put something back in its place, HoyoVerse will purportedly add a new mission to complete, we think is pretty similar: “Added mission ‘Consume a total of 100/200 Trailblaze Power’ (1600 Trailblazer Power max).”

Honkai Star Rail battle pass

It may seem like strange changes to bring to Honkai Star Rail, and many players agree, some of them are even breaking out the calculator to assess the damage this could do battle pass gains. Speaking on the proposed battle pass format, ‘RagersaurusRex‘ posits that “every 24 hours, you get 240 energy. 240 x 7 = 1680. With the cap on the new system being ‘Spend 1600 energy’, then they actually are implying to get full rewards they want you logging in every day and spending energy, so you never over cap.”

The change is possibly due to an influx of players logging to simply complete “daily training”, rather than spending hours at a time trying to earn other desirable items or completing other quests. Conversely, the Redditor believes that “they want you spending energy while you are on too instead of stockpiling energy like some of my friends do.”

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Of course, this is all conjecture until HoyoVerse comments on what is in store for the 1.6 update. We’ve seen some of the best multiplayer games like Fortnite adapt to a similar methodology in the past, altering weekly challenges to expire after 7 days have passed. However, this decision was quickly reverse, instead allowing players to stack up their weekly challenges until the end of the current season.

We’ll be curious to see if HoyoVerse follows the same trajectory, should these leaks come to fruition. Other Honkai Star Rail leaks suggest that the Gift of Odyssey is returning too, but until, you should keep updated with our Honkai Star Rail banner schedule guide and all the active Honkai Star Rail codes.