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Best Honkai Star Rail team comp

Find out the best Honkai Star Rail team comp for the endgame, using both free characters and premium five-stars in the space RPG on PC, mobile, PS5, and PS4.

Best Honkai Star Rail team comps: From left to right, Jing Liu, Fu Xuan, and Blade standing against a blurred background of gameplay.

What is the best Honkai Star Rail team comp? If you want to succeed in the endgame of Honkai Star Rail, particularly the Swarm Disaster mode, then you’ll need the best teams at the ready. However, that’s easier said than done when you take a look at just how many characters there are in the game, each with unique specialities. And without scaring you too much, new characters get added roughly every two weeks, so the meta is nearly always moving. To help you keep track, we’ve prepared a complete guide to the best Honkai Star Rail team comps in the game right now, covering both free and premium setups.

We’ve spent countless hours assembling the best Honkai Star Rail teams, whether for completing the story, racing through events, or smashing endgame activities. With so many Honkai Star Rail characters at your disposal in the RPG game, there’s a lot of room for experimentation. Take a look at our Honkai Star Rail tier list of best characters to get an idea of which ones are worth chasing first though, and keep an eye on the Honkai Star Rail banner schedule to know when they’re available.

Best Honkai Star Rail team comps

The best Honkai Star Rail team comps are:

  • Seele, Fu Xuan, Silver Wolf, Lynx – Quantum main damage team
  • Jing Yuan, Bronya, Pela, Bailu – Lightning main damage team
  • Yanqing, Tingyun, Bronya, Gepard – Ice main damage team
  • Welt, Silver Wolf, Yukong, Luocha – Imaginary main damage team
  • Clara, March 7th, Pela, Natasha – Physical main damage team
  • Blade, Welt, Silver Wolf, Luocha – Wind main damage team
  • Serval, Dan Heng, Asta, Trailblazer (Fire) – free team comp

These team comps cover all the Honkai Star Rail elements so you’re prepared for a variety of different circumstances. This will come in especially handy during the endgame activities like the Honkai Star Rail Forgotten Hall, where you will have to take full advantage of each of the elements in the game.

Overall, though, we think the best Honkai Star Rail team comp is the Seele Quantum main DPS team or the Blade main DPS team, depending on the scenario. These are both incredibly strong damage dealers in single-target and AoE situations respectively. Furthermore, they are propped up by excellent support characters like Bronya, Tingyun, Silver Wolf, and Luocha who will empower your team and give you the leg up on the enemy.

Equipped with the best Honkai Star Rail builds for each of the characters, you’ll be a force to be reckoned with even in the hardest endgame content like Swarm Disaster. In fact, the Lynx mono-Quantum team of Seele, Fu Xuan, Silver Wolf, and Lynx is particularly strong in this mode thanks to high damage, survivability, and adaptability, though it’s certainly an expensive team to assemble.

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If you’d like to know more about the best Honkai Star Rail team comps right now, including the roles of each character and the Honkai Star Rail Relics and Honkai Star Rail Light Cones you’ll need, then keep reading. There’s also great free characters and teams that you don’t want to overlook.

Honkai Star Rail team comp free: The Trailblazer bracing for an attack with their glowing blue bat.

Best Honkai Star Rail free characters team comp

Here is the best Honkai Star Rail team comp using the surprisingly strong roster of Honkai Star Rail free characters from the start of the game:

Character Role Relics Light Cone Stats
Serval DPS Band of Sizzling Thunder (4pc), Celestial Differentiator (2pc) Night on the Milky Way (Premium), Make the World Clamor (F2P) Crit, ATK%, SPD, Lightning DMG%
Dan Heng DPS Eagle of Twilight Line (4pc), Celestial Differentiator (2pc) In the Night (Premium), Swordplay (F2P) Crit, ATK%, SPD, Wind DMG%
Asta Support Thief of Shooting Meteor (4pc), Talia Kingdom of Banditry (2pc) The Battle Isn’t Over (Premium), Mediation (F2P) SPD, Break, Crit, ATK
Trailblazer (Fire) Tank Knight of Purity Palace (4pc), Belobog of the Architects (2pc) Texture of Memories (Premium), Amber (F2P) DEF%, SPD, Effect RES

Dan Heng makes for a great starter Wind DPS character. Paired with Serval, a strong Lightning damage option, and you’ll have two damage characters leading the charge against the enemy. Meanwhile, Asta will be buffing the team significantly, including an SPD boost from her ultimate and an ATK bonus from her talent. Asta will also be able to Weakness Break foes weak to Fire. Last but not least, the Fire version of the Trailblazer is a strong tank character. Not only will they help out your team with tanking potential, but they will also benefit from Asta to deal increased Fire damage.

If you need greater elemental coverage, then you can replace the Fire Trailblazer with March 7th, a superb Ice tank even in the endgame. Thanks to her excellent shield skill, March will keep your team alive while also Weakness Breaking enemies weak to Ice with her skill and follow-up attacks.

Honkai Star Rail team comp premium: A close up of Seele with a determined facial expression.

Honkai Star Rail premium characters

team comp

Here is the best Honkai Star Rail team comp using premium characters:

Character Role Relics/Ornament Light Cone Stats
Seele DPS Genius of Brilliant Stars (4pc), Celestial Differentiator (2pc) In The Night (Premium), Arrows (F2P) Crit, SPD, ATK%
Fu Xuan Tank/Support Longevous Disciple (2pc), Guard of Wuthering Snow (2pc), Broken Keel (2pc) She Already Shut Her Eyes (Premium), We Are Wildfire (F2P) HP%, Energy Regen
Silver Wolf Sub-DPS/Support Genius of Brilliant Stars (4pc), Pan-Galactic Commercial Enterprise (2pc) Incessant Ruin (Premium), Before the Tutorial Mission Starts (F2P) Effect Hit%, SPD, Crit, ATK%
Lynx Healer Messenger Traversing Hackerspace (4pc), Broken Keel (2pc) Time Waits for No One (Premium), Cornucopia (F2P) Outgoing Healing, HP%, SPD

Seele is arguably the best damage dealer in the game right now, so she’ll be leading the charge with fast and heavy hitting Quantum damage. She benefits from SPD significantly and the rest of the team comp will be supporting her to give her more opportunities to deal damage. For instance, Seele gets an extra move when killing opponents, so we’ll be seeking to increase her damage and SPD to benefit from this more often.

Next up is Fu Xuan, a five-star Quantum Preservation character that will primarily serve as your tank. However, Fu Xuan is not only superb at keeping your team alive, she’s also capable of increasing damage which adds to Seele’s potential.

Silver Wolf is vital to this team, adding bonus damage but most importantly making enemies vulnerable to Quantum. Since this is a mono-Quantum team, you won’t be able to weakness break anything else. Silver Wolf negates this issue entirely by making enemies vulnerable to Quantum, so you’ll now have a full team capable of demolishing the weakness bar of enemies. Not only that, but you’ll also be dealing even more bonus damage with all of your characters.

Last but not least is Lynx. While this healer isn’t entirely necessary given how excellent Fu Xuan is at protecting the team, Lynx is a very powerful character, despite being a four-star. They’ll heal you when needed, which is great in tough content that can last quite some time, and they can also cleanse negative effects. Once further Quantum characters are added, Lynx could potentially be swapped out for more damage or support if you don’t feel like you need the healing.

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How to make the best Honkai Star Rail team comp

To make the best Honkai Star Rail team comp, you will need a main DPS, a healer or tank, and either a sub-DPS character or two supports.

Main DPS characters will often be Hunt or Erudition Path characters as these specialise in high single-target and AoE damage respectively. If you’re opting for a sub-DPS character over a second support, then you’ll likely want one of each.

Tanks belong to the Preservation Path while healers belong to the Abundance Path. You will want one of these in order to keep your team alive. With Honkai Star Rail being a turn-based RPG rather than action-combat, it’s harder to avoid taking damage. Having a tank to absorb that damage or a healer to recover from it is vital, especially in long or difficult encounters.

As for supports, these come either as Harmony Path buffers for your own team or Nihility Path debuffers for the enemy. If you’re not having a sub-DPS, then it’s a good idea to have one of each so you can empower your own team while also weakening the enemy, giving your team the leg-up.

And that’s everything you need to know about the best Honkai Star Rail team comps, including the best free teams and the best premium teams. Keep an eye out for Honkai Star Rail codes to get your hands on valuable items to hopefully have a chance at adding the rare five-star characters to your team. And for more guidance on your journey through the stars, then our Honkai Star Rail walkthrough should have you covered. Good luck, Trailblazer.