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Honkai Star Rail elements guide

Find out everything you need to know about the various Honkai Star Rail elements and what they can do for you in a fight on PC, mobile, PS4, and PS5.

Honkai Star Rail Elements: A person can be seen using a bow

As with any Hoyoverse game, there is a lot to the combat and systems. Honkai Star Rail is no different and if you are jumping in you probably want to know all about the Honkai Star Rail elements the characters can wield.

Thankfully, this guide to the RPG game will serve as your one-stop shop on them for Honkai Star Rail, so you can take advantage of your enemies’ weaknesses. Doing this will deplete an enemy’s toughness bar and cause a weakness break leaving them open to an attack for a turn, and allowing you to get the upper hand with the Honkai Star Rail characters of your choosing.

Honkai Star Rail elements

Honkai Star Rail has seven elements:

  • Physical – applies Bleed
  • Fire – applies Burn
  • Ice – applies Frozen
  • Lightning – applies Shock
  • Wind – applies Wind Shear
  • Quantum – applies Entanglement
  • Imaginary – applies Imprisonment

You can see a deeper more in-depth guide of each one below, as well as what characters do that kind of damage.

Physical element characters

The physical element characters in Honkai Star Rial are Trailblazer, Clara, Natasha, and Sushang.

Physical damage is for all intense and purposes the base damage type in the game. Applying it with a weakness break will cause Bleed to occur, damaging an enemy over time.


The Fire element characters in Honkai Star Rail are Asta, Hook, Himeko, and Trailblazer.

Fire damage on the other hand will also cause damage over time on a weakness break. However, this will Burn your opponent.


Honkai Star Rail’s Ice characters include Geopard, Pela, Yanqing, Herta, and March 7th.

Frozen will kick in when you apply a weakness break immobilising the enemy and dealing ice damage over a period of time.


Lighting characters in Honkai Star Rail are: Bailu, Tingyuan, Kafka, Serval, Arlan, and Jing Yuan.

When dealing lightning damage, you will apply Shock, which simply does damage over time.


Next up, the wind characters in Honkai Star Rail are Dang Heng, Sampo, Bronya, and Blade.

Damaging an enemy with wind damage will deal a Wind Shear effect. This deals wind damage over time for an extra boost.


The Honkai Star Rail Quantum characters are Silver Wolf, Quingque, Fu Xuan, and Seele.

In terms of the wackier damage types, Quantum causes Entanglement. This delays the opponent’s turn and deals quantum damage over time.


Finally, the Imaginary characters in Honkai Star Rail are Welt and Luocha.

This damage type can apply Imprisonment. When an enemy is affected by this, they will have their actions delayed and speed reduced.

That is all you need to know right now about the Honkai Star Rail elements. We will have even more details on them as we get deep into the game. But, while you wait, why not take a look at our Honkai Star Rail walkthrough which is filled with guides? Go on, treat yourself.