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Check your Xbox Year In Review, you may have beaten Phil Spencer

It is time for everyone to show off their Xbox Year In Review results, including Microsoft Gaming CEO Phil Spencer who shares his own stats.

Xbox Year In Review

We all love reading into our gaming habits at this time of year, and now that Spotify Wrapped has come and gone, thankfully Xbox are stepping up to the plate. The latest Xbox Year In Review statistics are going live now for players around the world, uncovering what titles we loved the most, and just how many hours you sank into Starfield this year. Amid the results is Microsoft Gaming CEO Phil Spencer, and there is a chance you’ve played more games than him.

With so many new Xbox games throughout the course of the year, and more to come, you probably think that Phil Spencer doesn’t have too much time aside to actually play them. Well, Spencer’s Xbox Year In Review results reveal that he racked up almost 1000 hours, coming in with an impressive total of 917 total hours played across Xbox exclusives or the best Xbox Game Pass games out there.

Xbox Year In Review Phil Spencer

Spencer comments on his results, expressing that “every minute was worth it. So fun to see this year’s Xbox Year in Review and look back at all the games I played in 2023.” His biggest month for gaming in 2023 is April, which is when Bethesda and Arkane Austin unleashed Redfall into the world. By this metric, does this mean that Spencer played more Redfall than Starfield this year?

You might be glad to hear that Starfield is Spencer’s most played title, with over 140 hours clocked exploring one of the best RPG games of the year. With just shy of 1000 hours on the clock, there is a possibility that you’ve surpassed Phil Spencer, therefore asserting yourself as the true gamer this holiday season. Or, you’re woefully behind the Microsoft Gaming CEO, and that’s okay. That’s what this time of year is here for, as well start to break through our backlog of the best Xbox games throughout the year.

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There’s plenty left to check out this year from Microsoft, with the likes of Forza Motorsport and Hi-Fi Rush heading up the roster of Xbox exclusives to sink your teeth into. And you don’t necessarily have to look at just your Xbox Year In Review to see how your gaming sessions are unfolding.

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