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New MW3 Prime Gaming pack drops Hip Hop Hutch skin on PS5 and Xbox

There's a new MW3 Prime Gaming pack to claim now on Xbox and PS5, bringing Call of Duty players stylish cosmetics to flex during battle.

Modern Warfare 3 Prime Gaming Pack December 2023

The holidays are all about getting together with your friends, and maybe exchanging a few presents along the way. Well, if you’re looking for some gifts in MW3, then your time is here. Prime Gaming is coming in clutch right this holiday, as a new MW3 Prime Gaming pack is now available to claim on PS5 and Xbox. Here’s what you can get your hands on.

Say what you want about Modern Warfare 3, but there is a fair case to be made that the game’s cosmetics can hit out of the park sometimes. Sure, it is a far cry away from the MilSim realism many enjoyed in earlier Call of Duty entries, but these days, you might as well embrace the chaos. One cosmetic that is bringing some fresh drip to the game is the new Big Steppa operator skin. Whether you’re a Public Enemy fan or a Warren G fiend, this skin also just looks really cool to be honest.

MW3 prime gaming december 2023

The accompanying vehicle skin is just as slick, and if you thought these were stylish, then the overhauled aesthetic for one of the best MW3 guns, the ISO 45, is just as good. You definitely need to equip it, as the ISO 45 is rising up through the current MW3 meta pool. As per the Carry Forward scheme, you can also use this in Modern Warfare 2 and one of the best battle royale games on PS5 and XboxWarzone.

But what exactly do you get aside from a sleek operator skin? Well, we’re glad you asked, because here’s a full rundown of what you can claim:

  • Big Steppa – Hutch Operator Skin
  • Represent – ISO 45 SMG Weapon Blueprint
  • Beat Drop – Finishing Move
  • Mint Ride – Vehicle Skin
  • Hutch Forever – Charm
  • East Coast Love – Sticker
  • Check Your Six – Loading Screen

You’ll have until January 25, 2024, to get this Prime Gaming pack added to your library. Plenty of time for you to get this skin equipped, especially if someone gifts you Modern Warfare 3 over the holidays. Or, if you’re gifting it to your friends, because surely you want to dominate lobbies together? Either way, you’re going to look awesome while doing it.

And while you are playing, there is plenty to gained from MW3 CODMAS, as fresh rewards and incentives to grind in new playlists arrive in-game. However, some people aren’t too enthusiastic about CODMAS, leading to some pretty questionable loadout creations. Aside from MW3, you’ll probably be looking forward to catching up on your backlog soon.

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