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You could save up to $150 on these great Secretlab gaming chairs

If you’re looking for the best gaming gear for your PS5 or Xbox console setup in 2023, then you need to see this mouth-watering Secretlab Christmas sale.

Secretlab Christmas sale 2023: A Secretlab TITAN Evo gaming chair on the left with a discount price tag icon, and a MAGNUS Pro desk on the right, both set against a blurred image of Lego Fortnite.

From ergonomic gaming chairs to remarkable sit-stand gaming desks, Secretlab is behind some of the best gaming gear on the market, though its award-winning premium quality often comes alongside a high price tag. Thankfully, with the Secretlab Christmas sale, you can bag some of the best PS5 and Xbox gear for a bargain, including chairs, tables, and handy accessories.

Fans of esports will no doubt be familiar with Secretlab as its chairs and other products have been featured on the world stage for some of the biggest events. Thanks to a timely Secretlab sale, your PS5 and Xbox gaming setups can benefit from a new upgrade. The Secretlab MAGNUS Pro took the top spot in our list of the best gaming desks, while the Secretlab TITAN Evo is one of the best gaming chairs out there.

First things first, the Secretlab Christmas sale runs from Thursday, December 7, 2023, until Wednesday, December 27, 2023, giving you just under three weeks to make up your mind. With big discounts on chairs, tables, accessories, and various bundles, there are a lot of great deals to sift through, so we’ll highlight a few of our favorites below.

  • AU: Up to A$330 off Secretlab chairs and A$139 off MAGNUS bundles
  • CA: Up to $300 off Secretlab chairs and $119 off MAGNUS bundles
  • EU: Up to €200 off Secretlab chairs and €100 off MAGNUS bundles
  • SG: Up to S$300 off Secretlab chairs and S$119 off selected MAGNUS bundles
  • UK: Up to £200 off Secretlab chairs and £100 off MAGNUS bundles
  • MY: Up to RM450 off Secretlab chairs and RM439 off MAGNUS bundles
  • NZ: Up to $150 off Secretlab chairs
  • US: Up to $150 off Secretlab chairs and $100 off MAGNUS bundles

Firstly, you can get up to $150 or £200 off Secretlab gaming chairs. This includes its premier TITAN Evo line which comes in a variety of eye-catching designs. As our 9/10 review notes, the Secretlab TITAN Evo is “one of the best chairs money can buy”, boasting “comfort and quality [that is] truly impressive”. So, if you’re in the market for an upgrade to your gaming setup, whether you’re looking for more style or a salve for a bad back, then this line of ergonomic chairs should be on your radar.

There are even unique designs based on some of the biggest gaming IPs, including League of Legends, Assassin’s Creed, Minecraft, Overwatch, Fortnite, Cyberpunk, The Witcher, and more, so you’re bound to find at least one design you like.

Moving over to gaming desks, you really can’t go wrong with Secretlab’s MAGNUS line, with the sit-stand MAGNUS Pro taking center stage. Our 9/10 review of this MAGNUS Pro notes that it’s Secretlab’s “magnum opus”, made with gamers and creators in mind.

Secretlab Christmas sale 2023: A laptop and monitor on a dual monitor arm attached to the Magnus Pro desk.

With its “remarkable magnetized ecosystem”, the MAGNUS Pro can easily be customized to suit your needs with additional accessories, from some of the best monitor arms out there to a handy headphone hanger. The only downside is the price, especially when you consider the accessories you might want to get as well, so it’s lucky that you can save up to $100 or £100 on MAGNUS bundles.

In fact, you can save even more money when you order a desk bundle (a desk and MAGPAD desk mat) and chair together, with the discount automatically applied at checkout.

As for the accessories, we love the Secretlab MAGNUS monitor arms as they seamlessly attach to the MAGNUS desks to make for an even sleeker setup. They’re remarkably sturdy and well-made, letting you adjust your TV or monitor to the right position for you.

On a similar note, the Secretlab Cable Management Bundle is also on sale. If you’ve got a rather busy setup like us, with several gaming consoles, laptops, and peripherals, this will help you to keep your cables nice and tidy with your MAGNUS desk.

So, that’s what we’ve been eyeing up in the Secretlab Christmas sale to go alongside the best gaming consoles this holiday season. With a swanky new setup for your PS5 or Xbox, you’re almost ready to dig into the best games like never before, just take a look at the best PS5 controllers and best Xbox controllers to find more ways to improve your gaming experience.