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FC 24 patch notes reveal you’re getting slower, but for a good reason

New FC 24 patch notes are live now for the EA Sports FIFA successor, and your speed is getting nerfed, albeit for a worthwhile reason.

FC 24 Patch Notes December 5 2023

Make sure you’re ready before heading back onto the pitch in FC 24, as developer EA Sports unleashes the new FC 24 patch notes, providing several fresh tweaks to the FIFA successor. While the FC 24 holiday update alters animations and the game’s flow in a myriad of ways, one change in particular might rub you the wrong way, but EA Sports is adamant this change to roaming around the stadium is all for the greater good.

Alongside a huge drop of players and AI alterations in the FC 24 holiday update, one of the best sports games of 2023 is also seeking to change one crucial element: how we run. We take running for granted in games like FC 24, leaning into our muscle memory when it comes to parading up and down the pitch, stealing the ball in our stride. The new FC 24 patch notes dictate that “more authentic controlled sprint speed” is now active for PS5 and Xbox players.

Specifically, EA Sports clarifies that this change also “slightly reduces finesse shot accuracy when performed by players with the Finesse and Finesse+” play styles. Furthermore, this reassessment of the game’s top controlled speed isn’t necessarily to balance the game due to unfairness, but instead to lean on FC 24’s focus to achieve the most realistic soccer experience yet.

FC 24 Patch Notes

Alongside new matchday experiences, advanced defending improvements, and FC 24 Pro Clubs enhancements, the developer expresses that “our intent with this change is to bring the top speed of Controlled Sprint closer to more authentic real-world player movement.” So, while you won’t be zooming around with unmatched speed in many of the game’s stadium locales, we think this could be a vital way to add more conscious strategic decisions when it comes to pace.

EA Sports echos this, saying that “this change does not prevent players who excel at exploiting space with their controller sprint from doing that, but we anticipate that this slight top speed reduction can result in more authentic match flow.” While it might seem like a kick in the teeth to have your speed reduced, we think that improving the game’s immersive gameplay is a huge win. You’ll just need to make sure that your players are ready and waiting in the box before making any risk passes or crosses.

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So, you’re ready to sink a few goals in one of the best Xbox sports games out there. However, don’t forget about the new FC 24 Thunderstruck upgrades and FC 24 Radioactive promo tweaks that in the works.