A speedrunner has completed The Outer Worlds in a record time

Obsidian’s extensive new RPG game The Outer Worlds has a playtime of about 25-30 hours, but what if we told you that you could complete it in just over 30 minutes? Well, it’s possible if Jabo’s recent speedrun is anything to go by.

The accomplished speedrunner, who streamed his any percentage run on Twitch, completed the entire game in 30:54, according to our sister site PCGamesN, proving that even the meatiest of games can be undone in a matter of mere minutes.

After allowing chat to name his character ‘Poopy Bumhead’, Jabo launches into the game, rapidly skipping dialogue options and bunnyhopping his way past enemies. The streamer had already completed the game and tried out various strategies before the game, which is one of the reasons he’s so confident running into rooms and knowing when to engage or disengage.

Obviously if you want to enjoy the RPG and it’s many sidequests, we wouldn’t encourage you to follow Jabo’s route, but it makes for a great watch. And despite Jabo describing his sub-31 minute time as a “solid glitchless run,” we might see more attempts in the future.

When asked about changing the language to speed up the run, Jabo replied, “There’s dialogue lines you’re forced to listen to with ‘Rick’ [Phineas Welles] and you can’t skip them, so changing the language might make that voice line faster. There’s two voice lines you have to sit and listen to, especially near the end. So, you might want to time them, and you never know in a different language you might be able to skip them entirely.”

So keep your eyes peeled for more The Outer Worlds speedruns from Jabo in the future – just don’t expect to understand anything.

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