CS:GO player loses the round trying to find someone he already killed

CSGO's Aztec map

We’ve all made mistakes while playing CS:GO, but how many of us can say we didn’t notice killing the last enemy? Well, that’s exactly what happened to Nikita ‘lauti’ Kuznecov of Diabolus during an ESL Premiership CS:GO Winter Season match.

The embarrassing blunder happened in Diabolus’ match up against Veloce Esports yesterday when lauti faced Cypher in the 22nd round. With two of his teammates going down just seconds before, lauti pushes onto Nuke’s B bombsite where the bomb is planted, and despite being flashed, manages to pull off the perfect shot onto his opponent.

But the Slovenian misses the whole thing – including his kill – due to being flashed. So, instead of defusing the bomb, the player attempts to find Cypher, costing his team the round.

The whole encounter, which you can watch below, was beautifully casted by Michael ‘YouM3’ Cassidy and and Adam ‘Dinko’ Hawthorne who added to the drama with their electrifying commentary.

“He doesn’t realise he’s killed him,” YouM3 shouts. “What is going on? Go and defuse, you’re alone!”

Despite losing the round, Diabolus went on to win the match 16-10, putting the team in fifth place on the ESL Premiership table. Not many of us out there can say we’ve lost a 1v0 clutch before though, and it’s something the Diabolus lad will have to take on the chin for a long time.

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