You can throw melee weapons and ammo in PUBG now

The battle royale's latest update adds lots of new features and a Miramar rebalance

PUBG weapon throw

Can you imagine being able to throw a frying pan in the final circle of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds and actually winning a chicken dinner? Because that’s possible now thanks to the battle royale’s latest update. Take Patches O’Houlihan’s advice from the critically acclaimed film Dodgeball, replace the world ball with pan, and you’re onto a winner.

Aside from making it possible to throw every melee weapon in the game, there’s lots more coming to PUBG’s test server today, including a rebalance of Miramar, which TS Jang, PUBG Corp’s executive producer has admitted was “much-requested.” More weapons will be available on the map’s dusty plains, improvements have been made to buildings and there’s new things to explore and drive, including a shiny gold Mirado.

“Season 5 will focus on a much-request rebalance of Miramar, in addition to the features that influence combat tactics and team cooperation,” Jang says. “The Miramar rebalance will feature adjustments to item spawn rates and the Blue Zone, in addition to improvements to objects and buildings, and some fun new ways to navigate the map.”

In addition to the rebalance, which increases AR spawns by 12%, you’ll finally be able to troll bridges properly with stingers, a spike strip that you can place on the road to destroy the tires of enemy vehicles, thow ammo and items to teammates, and hone in on enemies with the Winchester’s beastly 2.7x scope, which is sadly irremovable.

You’ll also be able to pick up energy drinks and painkillers from strategically placed vending machines in Casino, Motel, gas stations and shops. Just don’t shoot it though otherwise the machine’s alarm may expose your location to nearby enemies.

PUBG Corp also confirmed that the game’s new Survivor Pass will be called Badlands, and will include community missions where players can join together to discover the hidden story of Miramar.

Despite having a rough couple of months, PUBG Corp seems determined to provide players with the best experience possible. By rebalancing Miramar, the developers show they are listening to the community and want to make PUBG “your fight, your story, your battlegrounds” with each and every match.