Leaked images suggest PUBG’s new Survivor Pass will focus on Miramar

The Survivor Pass and two new skins have been discovered in PUBG's game files

PUBG Miramar

Pretty much every online game nowadays has a battle pass to work through, and with Aftermath, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds fourth pass, coming to an end later today, players have been theorising what could be coming next. The answer is, of course, another competitive season, and according to a well-regarded PUBG leaker, we’re getting a new battle pass called Badlands.

YouTuber allthenewsisgoodnews, who regularly posts videos on upcoming PUBG content to his 9,400 subscribers, tweeted out an image of the new Survivor Pass, and it looks like it’s going to be focused on Miramar. The survivor pass, which is called Badlands, clearly uses the backdrop of Los Leones, with the city’s iconic red and white cement towers present in the bottom left.

Miramar was introduced as the battle royale’s second map back in December 2017, but its open plains and rural locations have been criticised by many players for slowing the game down. As season four’s Survivor Pass focused on Erangel’s makeover and the introduction of lore to the game, some players believe this could mean a Miramar makeover could be on its way.

And it looks like PUBG Corp wants to please everyone too, because that’s not the only thing that’s been discovered. Another YouTuber, PlayerIGN, who is known for his leaks, has discovered two PUBG Global Championship skins which are set to be added to the game.

Based on images shared by the YouTuber, we should see a pair of black gloves with a red PGC watch on them and a slick M416 skin make their way to the store in the next update. We knew skins were coming for the tournament, as PUBG Corp confirmed that 25% of the sales from each in-game item would be added to the prize pool, but we weren’t expecting to catch a glimpse of them just yet.

The start of a new season and new content can only be a good thing for PUBG, as the game has lost 37% of its playerbase since the start of the year. Hopefully we’ll see an increase in players with this update.