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PUBG Mobile banned nearly two million accounts last week

30% of those banned were found to have used aim hacks, with another 29% of hackers being caught out for using x-ray vision

Like any battle royale, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Mobile can get a little frustrating. There are times when you drop in and spend half the game accruing gear without an enemy in sight, but before you can actually make your way into the fray someone domes you with a Kar98k out of nowhere and it’s game over. What’s more frustrating is when said sniper has picked you off from two cities away with the help of various nefarious hacks. Fortunately, PUBG Corp and the game’s community are diligently working on it.

In a tweet posted over the weekend, PUBG Mobile announced that it has banned nearly two million accounts between January 22-28; an absolutely absurd amount, for sure. Hacking is a familiar plight for both PUBG Mobile and its desktop version, with the latter having seen over 13 million accounts banned for PUBG hacking to date.

According to the ‘Ban Pan’ anti-cheating report, 30% of those banned in this wave of PUBG Mobile bans used auto-aim hacks, while 29% used x-ray vision. The third most common offence was speed hacking, constituting 19% of users banned.

The ranked distribution shows an even number of Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond, and Crown ranked accounts getting the pan (10-12% respectively). Perhaps unsurprisingly, the largest portion of account bans came from Bronze accounts (35%), while the lowest came from Conqueror accounts (1%). The final 7% of bans came from Ace ranked accounts.

PUBG Mobile’s Ban Pan system is a player-powered tribunal which allows exemplary players to review and pass judgement on video reports of cheating. Those who often pass correct judgement are subsequently rewarded with BG, AG, and Classic Coupons upon reaching certain criteria. Similar systems exist in the form of Valve’s Overwatch, which exists in both Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and now Dota 2, and has proven effective at weeding out delinquents.